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OpenStack: A python based IaaS provider

OpenStack: A python based IaaS provider

OpenStack is an IaaS provider software written in Python. As such, it provides a massive scalable operating system and services like: Image, Storage, Object, Compute, etc.

This talks aims to give the audience an overview about OpenStack, its capabilities, its modules, coding styles, workflow and organization.

As a successful community driven development case, it’s definitely a good reference for anyone willing to take that road or maybe joining existing projects.



July 02, 2013

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  1. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 OpenStack . . . pure python,

    community developed IaaS
  2. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 What's this talk about? It's all

    about OpenStack... … about what it is. … about how it is being developed. … about the community around it. … about engaging you to contribute to it.
  3. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Who's this dude? @flaper87 (a.k.a, Flavio

    Percoco): Very proud Red Hatter, who's also part of the MongoDB Master team and has contributed to Open Source since... forever. One of those who thinks about programming when he's not programming. member of
  4. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 … let me tell you what

    it is
  5. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 OpenStack What marketers read: noun [U]

    / o .pənstæk/ cloud operating system that controls large pools of ˈ ʊ compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, all managed through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface. What it really is: Really cool, pure python, open source, infrastructure (and not just infrastructure) as a service provider (IaaS).
  6. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 ✔ OpenStack Compute (Nova) ✔ OpenStack

    Image (Glance) ✔ OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) ✔ OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) ✔ OpenStack Networking (Neutron) OpenStack ✔ OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) ✔ OpenStack Meetering (Ceilometer) ✔ OpenStack Identity (Keystone) ✔ OpenStack Orchestraion (Heat)
  7. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 … let me tell how it

    is being developed
  8. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Snakes Everywhere 500% written in Python

    -0,1% web stuff
  9. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Non Opinionated Plug-in based

  10. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Shared Nothing Architecture

  11. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Code Reviews It doesn't matter who

    you are Nor where you come from Nor how many cats you have Gerrit, FTW
  12. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Code Reviews “core-committers”.replace(“committers”, “contributors”) Gerrit, FTW

  13. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Continues Integration Jenkins

  14. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Public Repository Github No push

  15. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Bugs & Blueprints Launchpad

  16. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 When bad things are the best

    ideas. Common Code Oslo Incubator
  17. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Rules → Standards … right, and

    who “defines” those?
  18. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 … let me tell you a

    story, OS's community rocks
  19. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Design Development Community Open

  20. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Project Technical Lead (PTL)

  21. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 9981 Contributors 87 Countries (keeps Growing)

  22. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Always There Always on IRC

  23. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Always There Regular Meetings Always on

  24. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Always There Very active mailing list

    Regular Meetings Always on IRC
  25. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Technical Committee

  26. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Takeaways Community Matters Drop your ego

    Do reviews Define your standards Be there
  27. @flaper87 – Europython 2013 Q&A Thanks we're hiring http:/ /openstack.redhat.com/

    http:/ /www.openstack.org/