Apache Kafka on AWS: Amazon MSK

Apache Kafka on AWS: Amazon MSK

Stop press. Webcast here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtU9pb18g5Q

I created a newer slide deck that shows many of the new features of Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka with quick live demos: cluster creation and security, custom configurations, integration with CloudWatch, resizing of broker storage and much much more. There will be a web cast soon, check here: aws-kafka

Apache Kafka is one the most popular open-source projects for building messaging and streaming applications. Kafka takes data, makes it available to different applications, and therefore helps to eliminate daily batch jobs.

Kafka plays an important role for Change Data Capture (CDC) and in the world of microservices. This presentation gives an overview of the new Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka (Amazon MSK).

Based on knowledge gained from several on-prem Kafka implementation projects I will cover the technical underpinnings first. You will learn about brokers, topics, and Zookeeper. Then I will explain what makes Kafka special, analyse major pain points in on-prem Kafka projects, critically analyse how Kafka differs from Kinesis, and why the cloud is the best way to use Kafka


Frank Munz

June 27, 2019