Breaking the Monolith - Microservices on AWS

643cd45dcfa73b072018046e39ed36d1?s=47 Frank Munz
October 25, 2019

Breaking the Monolith - Microservices on AWS

Breaking the Monolith. Sam New, Chris Richardson, the Inverse Conway Manoeuvre?

AWS has integrated building blocks that support the development of microservices. Two popular approaches are using AWS Lambda and Docker containers with AWS Fargate.

With AWS Lambda, you simply upload your code and let Lambda take care of everything required to run and scale the execution to meet your actual demand curve with high availability. This means, there is no administration of infrastructure needed. Lambda supports several programming languages and can be triggered from other AWS services or be called directly from any web or mobile application. One of the biggest advantages of AWS Lambda is that you can move quickly: you can focus on your business logic because security and scaling are managed by AWS. Lambda’s opinionated approach drives the scalable platform.


Frank Munz

October 25, 2019