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Java Cloud Service: What You Should Know.

Frank Munz
September 01, 2017

Java Cloud Service: What You Should Know.

Get started with Java Cloud Service. Includes Spring Boot, Application Container Cloud Service and Java Cloud Service.

Frank Munz

September 01, 2017

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  1. Java Cloud Service & WLS 12c What You Should Know

    OTN LatAm Tour / DOAG 2017 Dr. Frank Munz munz & more
  2. •Founded munz & more in 2007 •> 15 years Middleware,

    Cloud, and Distributed Computing •Consulting and High-End Training •Wrote two WebLogic and a Cloud book Dr. Frank Munz @frankmunz
  3. New in WebLogic 12.2.1 1. JDK 8 2. Java EE

    7 3. IDE 4. Console 5. Deployment 6. JMS 7. Cluster 8. WLST 9. WLDF 10. REST 11. Docker 12. Multi Tenancy 13. ZDT 14. Java CloudService @frankmunz
  4. A Whirlwind Tour… More details in this WebLogic 12c presentation

    @frankmunz https://www.slideshare.net/FrankMunz1/12-things-you-should-know-about-weblogic-server-1221-oow2015
  5. WebLogic Multi Tenancy: Isolation Tenants within a domain are isolated:

    • Runtime: JDK: heap, CPU • Security: realm, user • Admin: life cycle, roles • Data / traffic: JNDI, JDBC,Coherence, requests @frankmunz
  6. NO Vendor Lock-In with Docker Supported by every major cloud

    provider: @frankmunz On premise -> all clouds Docker Registry Container Service EC2 Container Service Google Container Engine Azure Container Service Bluemix Containers
  7. RESTful Admin Get server name and state of managed server

    with name surf1 via admin server GET (e.g. via web browser) http://localhost:7001/management/weblogic/latest /domainRuntime/serverLifeCycleRuntimes/ surf1?links=none&fields=name,state Response: { "name": "surf1", "state": "RUNNING" } @frankmunz
  8. Elastic Cluster WebLogic 12.1.2: Dynamic Cluster config WebLogic 12.2.1: Elastic

    Cluster runtime + pre / post scaling callout to scripts @frankmunz How to scale? • Console • WLST • REST • Policy/Action • Calendar based
  9. Know The Essential Cloud Services ACCS JCS OCCS Deploy compiled

    Java, Python, Ruby code. New: Java EE, Go JSON file: start cmd Deploy Java EE module, JMS, JDBC, XA. + db and storage Deploy (stack of) Docker containers Language container as service WebLogic as Service Docker container as Service Oracle Container CS Java CS Application Container CS @frankmunz
  10. Prerequisites • Write down all the passwords (they have different

    requirements) • ID domain • Storage container name • Use lower case emails for user names Keep the first temp password: If you change from classic to bare metal you need it @frankmunz
  11. Prerequisites JCS will never work, unless you … 1. Set

    replication policy for storage 2. Create DB as a service for JCS 3. Create JCS @frankmunz
  12. Go to Storage & Set Policy @frankmunz You will only

    see this screen only once! Not setting the policy causes all kind of weird issues
  13. Prereq: Create DB as Service A DB is mandatory for

    JCS @frankmunz Define DB pwd Specify Cloud log-in creadential Create Storage Container
  14. Storage Container Correct syntax / name of storage container: Storage-IDENDITYDOMAIN/yourContainerName

    @frankmunz You create it once (with the DB). Later specify it at JCS configuration
  15. In the Same Email: Data Center Most OPC links DC

    agnostic, but storage is not: @frankmunz
  16. Wait Until DB is Created @frankmunz Customer feedback: If JCS

    requires DB, why is it not automatically created?
  17. Create JCS @frankmunz Define WLS pwd Specify DB log-in details:

    ‘sys’ + credential DB create NOT welcome1 !! Specify Storage & log-in Details Storage admin
  18. Port Mapping Why you can access your deployment in most

    demos ‘without’ specifying the port @frankmunz
  19. There is more • OTD as frontend recommended • JCS

    comes with default certificates -> not suitable for production • Follow SOA CS Disaster Recovery Guide @frankmunz http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/availability/maa-soacs-dr-3125213.pdf
  20. ACCS • Polyglot: Java, Java EE and node.js, PHP, Python,

    Go and Ruby • Java: Upload compiled zipped Java classes + JSON file with start command • Java EE option is WebLogic – No domains – No cluster – Single admin servers with LB frontend @frankmunz
  21. Spring Boot • Not WebLogic or Java EE compatible •

    Not standard, but often used • It’s a fat jar • Runs in Oracle ACCS and AWS Beanstalk • Even with Kotlin @frankmunz http://www.munzandmore.com/2017/ora/kotlin-spring-boot-aws-beanstalk-oracle-cloud
  22. Developer CS Cloud native SDLC • Connects to github •

    Includes – maven – Hudson – Wiki pages – Jira like ticket system • Ready for testing • Deploys to JCS, ACCS, Mobile CS @frankmunz Free development tooling in cloud
  23. Key Take-Aways Make sure to understand • JCS is WebLogic

    as a Service J • Dependencies with Storage and DB CS L • Storage Container name L • Little gotchas (admin console disabled) K • Port mappings • ACCS for polyglot, lightweight and Java EE J @frankmunz
  24. 3 Membership Tiers • Oracle ACE Director • Oracle ACE

    • Oracle ACE Associate bit.ly/OracleACEProgram 500+ Technical Experts Helping Peers Globally Connect: Nominate yourself or someone you know: acenomination.oracle.com @oracleace Facebook.com/oracleaces [email protected]