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So You Want To Be A Wizard | Free Code Camp Norfolk

So You Want To Be A Wizard | Free Code Camp Norfolk

We had a fantastic turn out last night at the Meetup and it was great to meet so many new faces. Next month we'll have more of a quick lightning talk, and will be coding as a group through a couple of algorithms. It will be a great learning experience. Thanks again to the awesome Frances Coronel for speaking last night.


Frances Coronel

May 25, 2016

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  1. S O Y O U W A N T T

    O B E A W I Z A R D F V C p r o d u c t i o n s F R E E C O D E C A M P N O R F O L K M A Y 2 0 1 6
  2. A WORD WHICH HERE MEANS If you press the keys

    in the right order, you can do anything! WIZARD
  3. sold to Facebook for $19 billion 55 employees one person

    = $345 million sold to Facebook for $1 billion 13 employees one person = $77 million
  4. R I

  5. $ 94K per year $ 110K per year $ 98K

    per year AVERAGE SALARY G L A S S D O O R 2 0 1 6 software engineer software engineer intern senior software engineer
  6. Why do YOU want to become a wizard? Be honest

    with yourself. CONTEMPLATION
  7. 67% of “software” jobs are outside the tech industry in

    banking, retail, government, entertainment, etc.