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View the full demo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAGKzph41Rg.

Design Thinking - Final Project
Cornell Tech
Team Ohana
FVCproductions 2017

Frances Coronel

April 14, 2017

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  1. PathFinder Visualize your future.

  2. “ We Met... Aspiring college students who are overwhelmed by

    all of the possibilities for their future We Were Surprised to Find... How little transparency there is into different educational paths (or institutions) and career paths (or industries)... they are all ‘black boxes’ It would be game-changing if we could... Find a way to allow students to ‘see into the future’ - allowing them to make more informed decisions about what steps they should be taking today 2
  3. Video of Tester with Prototype 3

  4. Feedback Grid From Sonia Sen What Works Identified with animators

    Felt like I was in the room with them with my PathFinder goggles for an everyday event “Anna the animator” 4 Any Questions Where is customer coming from? College or high school? Typical background of your user is supposed to be? Any New Ideas How can I explore further? Can I take the goggles home? Tinder for Job Hunting? What Doesn’t Work Didn’t realize who I was looking at honestly or who I was supposed to be Turbo MBA was yelling at them
  5. Feedback Grid From All Testers What Works Glasses are cool

    Phrase “Visualize your future” Feeling in the room Idea of counseling / coaching people into better decisions What Doesn’t Work Seems like it’s going to be hard to build database with “all” experiences for students Didn’t realize who target user was supposed to be 5 Any Questions How are you going to scale? Who are the real customers? How do you get people to buy-in to recording a day in their lives? Do people have to pay? Any New Ideas How can I explore further at home? Can I take the goggles home? Tinder for Job Hunting? Mentors List of professionals they can access

  7. 7 How did we use the feedback to iterate? •

    Clarifying that Anna was recorded ahead of time and that the user is then going to experience Anna’s day in the life • Cutting down architect path and jumping right into recommending digital animation • Changed it from a job fair to college fair to make it clearer it is a HS student
  8. 8 THANKS! Any questions, comments, or concerns?