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Slim Your PHP, Fatten Your JS

Slim Your PHP, Fatten Your JS

Given at tek12; May 24, 2012


May 24, 2012

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  1. First, we made hypertext docs Thursday, May 24, 12 Man

    I loved this shit. I love hypertext. It makes me happy.
  2. Generate hypertext dynamically Thursday, May 24, 12 - This is

    what PHP was built for - Most server-side work in the past 15 years has been focused on this task
  3. Hippies Thursday, May 24, 12 - Meanwhile, designers, UX freaks,

    and other hippies want to not just make static hypertext, but do shit like animate stuff and blink things. - This occasionally has practical applications: animation to indicate purpose or guide user; reduce request/response latency (responsiveness), etc
  4. XHR Thursday, May 24, 12 :yay: Thank you Microsoft -

    First implemented in Active X for Outlook Web Access; shipped with IE5 - Mozilla implemented in Gecko 0.6 as JS API
  5. JavaScript Thursday, May 24, 12 - created in the age

    of applets - interpreter too slow to do fancy UIs - other tech addresses the needs (wants?) of app-focused UX - Flash / Silverlight / Java Applets
  6. Apple & Google Thursday, May 24, 12 - Apple and

    Google push standards-based solutions in JS/HTML/CSS - dramatic leaps in JS interpreter performance
  7. SPEED SPEED SPEED Thursday, May 24, 12 - Eventually JS

    is fast enough to do stuff previously done on server - Most importantly, templating & generating HTML - This is good. - Everything that has to do with the end user experience can be built on platform in one place.
  8. GLUE BABY Thursday, May 24, 12 - PHP doesn't generate

    finished HTML anymore - Maybe bootstrap tho - PHP handles authentication and security - PHP is the glue between the browser-based app and the data source - Browser is a platform for the end user. One of many.