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Slim Your PHP, Fatten Your JS

Slim Your PHP, Fatten Your JS

Given at tek12; May 24, 2012



May 24, 2012

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  1. Slim Your PHP, Fatten Your JS Ed Finkler Fictive Kin

    @funkatron Thursday, May 24, 12
  2. Hypertext vs Application Thursday, May 24, 12

  3. First, we made hypertext docs Thursday, May 24, 12 Man

    I loved this shit. I love hypertext. It makes me happy.
  4. Generate hypertext dynamically Thursday, May 24, 12 - This is

    what PHP was built for - Most server-side work in the past 15 years has been focused on this task
  5. Hippies Thursday, May 24, 12 - Meanwhile, designers, UX freaks,

    and other hippies want to not just make static hypertext, but do shit like animate stuff and blink things. - This occasionally has practical applications: animation to indicate purpose or guide user; reduce request/response latency (responsiveness), etc
  6. The Page Load Thursday, May 24, 12 :ughh:

  7. XHR Thursday, May 24, 12 :yay: Thank you Microsoft -

    First implemented in Active X for Outlook Web Access; shipped with IE5 - Mozilla implemented in Gecko 0.6 as JS API
  8. JavaScript Thursday, May 24, 12 - created in the age

    of applets - interpreter too slow to do fancy UIs - other tech addresses the needs (wants?) of app-focused UX - Flash / Silverlight / Java Applets
  9. Apple & Google Thursday, May 24, 12 - Apple and

    Google push standards-based solutions in JS/HTML/CSS - dramatic leaps in JS interpreter performance
  10. SPEED SPEED SPEED Thursday, May 24, 12 - Eventually JS

    is fast enough to do stuff previously done on server - Most importantly, templating & generating HTML - This is good. - Everything that has to do with the end user experience can be built on platform in one place.
  11. What Does PHP Do Now? Thursday, May 24, 12

  12. GLUE BABY Thursday, May 24, 12 - PHP doesn't generate

    finished HTML anymore - Maybe bootstrap tho - PHP handles authentication and security - PHP is the glue between the browser-based app and the data source - Browser is a platform for the end user. One of many.
  13. X-AMPLE Thursday, May 24, 12 - TOO DOO

  14. require.js • backbone.js • handlebars Thursday, May 24, 12

  15. Stuff to look at: https://github.com/funkatron/tek12-fatjs Thursday, May 24, 12

  16. Fin fictivekin.com·gimmebar.com·devhell.info Thursday, May 24, 12