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Stronger Than Fear: Mental Health in the Developer Community - SkiPHP 2016

January 15, 2016

Stronger Than Fear: Mental Health in the Developer Community - SkiPHP 2016

Video coming soon. Learn more: http://funkatron.com/osmi


January 15, 2016

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  1. Stronger Than Fear
 Mental Health in the Developer Community Ed

    Finkler • @funkatron • funkatron.com/osmi SkiPHP 2016 • #osmi
  2.  Who I am

  3.  An informal survey

  4.  My diagnoses

  5.  Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  6.  Adult ADHD

  7.  Meds I take

  8.  Lexapro Buspar Strattera Klonopin

  9.  I see a therapist

  10.  Sometimes Advantageous

  11.  Feeling alone/unlike anyone else

  12.  I'm broken and I will never be right

  13.  How it affects us

  14.  1 in 5

  15.  Level of disability

  16.  Disease burden

  17.  Economic Cost http://www.fccmh.org/resources/docs/EconomicBurdenofMentalIllness.pdf ๏ Mental health conditions are the

    second leading cause of workplace absenteeism ๏ Workers w/ depression lose 5.6 hrs/week
 Workers w/o depression lose 1.5 hrs/week ๏ Depression: $43.7 billion in absenteeism from work (200m days lost), lost productivity & direct treatment
  18.  Mental Health in Tech Survey Results US Non-self employed

    only; as of 9/13/2014 http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog
  19.  http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog Do you feel that your employer takes mental

    health as seriously as physical health?
  20.  Do you think that discussing a health issue with

    your employer would have negative consequences? Mental Physical http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog
  21.  Would you bring up a health issue with a

    potential employer in an interview? http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog Mental Physical
  22.  Do you know the options for mental health care

    your employer provides? http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog
  23.  Does your employer provide resources to learn more about

    mental health issues and how to seek help? http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog
  24.  Is your anonymity protected if you choose to take

    advantage of mental health or substance abuse treatment resources? http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog
  25.  Don't know Very easy Somewhat easy Somewhat difficult Very

    difficult How easy is it for you to take medical leave for a mental health condition? http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog
  26.  Sick workers don’t work

  27.  41%

  28.  8 years

  29.  Making your workplace safe

  30.  1. Get Buy-In From C-level

  31.  2. Mental Health First Aid mentalhealthfirstaid.org info@mentalhealthfirstaid.org 202.684.3736 All

  32.  3. Know Local Resources nami.org mentalhealthamerica.net

  33.  4. Know Your Coverage

  34.  5. Actively Engage and Educate Awareness • Resources •

    Promotion of Wellness mhprompt.org • devpressed.com • checkupapp.org
  35.  6. Support Research

  36.  What’s the upside? http://www.taadas.org/publications/prodimages/A%20Mental%20Health%20Friendly%20Workplace.pdf

  37.  Higher productivity and motivation

  38.  Reduced absenteeism

  39.  Health insurance cost containment

  40.  Loyalty and retention

  41.  Hiring and promoting the most qualified people

  42.  Diversity, acceptance, and respect in the workplace

  43.  Open Sourcing Mental Illness 2015 GOAL $5000 Time to

    goal 2 hours Total raised $13,600 j.mp/osmi2015
  44.  THE WALL OF AWESOME CJ Livingston joepelow Tim Corrin

    Justin Martin Guillermo Mansilla G J Hockin Thomas North Gamble Kevin B Tuttle Gregory Tarnoff Brian Fenton Jerry Evans Brian Wisti R J de la Fuente Spencer Hoyt Nick Sutterer Ted M Young Diana Espino Justin Carmony Tyler Mincey Tim Heckman Daniel Cousineau Allan MacGregor A forsstrom Brion Vibber max Cristovao Verstraeten Matthew R Sparks Wesley Beam Scott Arciszewski Zachary Copley Adam Jenkins Alexandra H. Johnson nehemiahwyant Matt Brunt Brian Moon hello Kevin Makice Larry Masters brian Jake Smith oaklandjt Justin T Yost Kristopher Plunkett Mika Epstein daniel d beil Andrew L Cassell Aaron Jorbin Jean Soderkvist Cameron Koczon Brian Pitts Deborah Resnick Michael Beckwith Chris Tickner Joel A Rasmus Karen J Demerly Lisa Brewster Stefan Koopmanschap Matthew Mitchum Cresta L Cates andreasbirkebaek Daniel Joye AM Clyde Henning Glatter-Gotz Gemma Lynn Davi M Moreira Amanda Folson Stephen Sauceda Daryl J Chymko Timothy H Lieberman Philippe Beaudoin Evangelo S Prodromou Sharon J Cichelli Sean R Reid nicolas rosental FJ de Jonge Dave Forgac John P Betley Jordan Burke Sally Lehman pascal Chris G Smith Sean Foran Jack Jones Elizabeth Naramore Benjamin J Cotton Taylor Otwell Miss Laura Sanders R A Stringer Mike Hall Richard Stewart M.R.Hartley Bram Van der Sype Ryan S Adams Ed Cates Jason Charnes Evan Coury Matthew S Perkins Derrick Snyder Mark Forscher Chris Shiflett William Golden Joel Perras Derick E Bailey Scott Gowell Eric Hogue Jake Champlin Samantha Quiñones Joe Kline lwriemen James Walker Maggie Longshore Pradeep Krishnan Broc Seib Jacques Woodcock Kara Ferguson CA Hoult Vanessa Hurst Ben Ramsey Colin O'Dell M D C Pepper Patrick Allan Alice Carback Guillermo Mansilla Christian Stagevik Jose Diaz-Gonzalez Jad Bitar Nicholas C Duvieilh Dallas Cook Larry E Masters Anthony Grassiot David Skinner Mark Shannon Story Christopher W Brescia yeti derekkjordan Mr Jeremy Burns stiliyanlazarov Shawn Aukstakalnis Chris Greene William Sonnenreich lee Cory Fowler Nima Nekoui Juan R Basso Rodriguez Urdaneta Justin T Yost
  45.    graphstory.com

  46.  I need your help. Talk. Share. Learn. Donations: j.mp/osmi2015

    Videos, Slides, Resources: funkatron.com/osmi
  47.  Thank you for listening funkatron.com/osmi • j.mp/osmi2015 • joind.in/talk/831ad