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Yu Kamiya

March 01, 2017

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  1. About me CyberAgent, Inc. AWA Co. Ltd. I was a

    server side engineer until 3 years ago I am a front end engineer in a few years Kind of full-stack engineer lol On maternity leave
  2. TypeScript (needless to say :P) Open-source programming language by Microsoft

    Static typing for JavaScript Output after compiling is JavaScript Develop TS with type declaration file(d.ts) installed via `npm i @type/hoge` Many popular libraries support d.ts Official language at Google
  3. Motivation I was a Java programmer Am used to a

    static typing language I developed with JavaScript for 2 years No type Found bugs when app starts running I want to remove bugs before running app by passing a different type Passing a different type to some function
  4. Practice with TS •  Client side ◦  React ◦  Redux

    ◦  Material-ui •  Server side ◦  Node.js ◦  Express