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MicroObjects Technical Practices 20180419

April 19, 2018

MicroObjects Technical Practices 20180419

What practices are used to wire in the microObjects style? This presentation goes over the 12 primary practices that produce simple, understandable, testable code resulting in a highly maintainable product.


April 19, 2018

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    ◦ https://QuinnGil.com • Professionally programming 20 years • Passion for helping others write better • Coding is my hobby µObjects
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    • Always Immutable • No ‘new’ Inline • No Primitive Obsession • Encapsulate Relationships • No nulls • ‘if’ Only as Guard Clause • ‘switch’ & ‘else’ Always Evil • Composition Over Inheritance • Interface Everything • No Statics • No Public Constants • No Asymmetric Marriage • OS Abstraction Layer An Object Does A Single Thing