Trust Your Code - Don't Be Defensive 2019-09-14

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September 14, 2019

Trust Your Code - Don't Be Defensive 2019-09-14

Trust Your Code - Don't defend it.

We are trained to code defensively.
We have to defend our method against getting a bad result as a return argument.
We have to defend their method from being called when it shouldn't.
We have to defend ourselves against being passed unusable parameter.

We are so focused on defending and trying to know how everything our method uses works that we become numb to the damage we're inflicting on the source code itself.

Let's trust our code.
Let's trust the return value is something we can use.
Let's trust the method knows if it should execute or not.
Let's trust that the parameter we're given is usable.

Trusting our code simplifies our code.

This trust isn't free.
This trust takes discipline and rigor.
This trust takes practices that allow us to have this trust.

This talk is about the practices that enable us to trust our code and not be so defensive about it.



September 14, 2019