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Progressive Web Apps for mobile developers

Progressive Web Apps for mobile developers

My RoMobOs 2017 slides. Introduction to the concept and market strategy behind PWAs.

Enrique García Navalón

February 16, 2017

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  1. How did the crappiest technology ever managed to beat the

    promised land of cross-platform desktop apps?
  2. How did mobile platforms fight back? What is the difference

    between mobile apps and desktop apps?
  3. “A Progressive Web App uses modern web capabilities to deliver

    an app-like user experience.” – Progressive Web Apps
  4. Reliable - Load instantly, even in uncertain network conditions, and

    never show the “page not available offline”.
  5. Engaging - Feel like a natural app on the device,

    with an immersive user experience.
  6. The good from the (good) apps • Great performance •

    Smooth animations • Instant loading and offline support • Tap-and-use from the homescreen
  7. The good from the web • Discoverability • Distribution (just

    a URL, searchable) • Cross-platform* • Size
  8. A PWA is ... • A responsive web app, plus

    ◦ Offline support ◦ Push notifications ◦ Add to homescreen
  9. A PWA is not ... • Hybrid app (Cordova packaged

    web). ◦ It’s still a browser website.
  10. Google magic! • Dynamically creates an apk for your web

    ◦ Kind of like Cordova packaging • Required for ◦ Notifications from app, not Chrome ◦ App size during distribution (page load)
  11. Still a long way to go! • PWAs are still

    in an early stage • Apps are not dying anytime soon ◦ Too much money in there • iOS support is not there yet ◦ Apple still has things to say ◦ Swift apps running in Safari, maybe? • IoT and “gadgets” are JS-safe for now
  12. The developer journey never ends • Don’t sit on your

    ass, keep learning • Focus on core knowledge like patterns, architecture, data flows, algorithms, quality • ~70*% of web developers are as far from PWA technologies as a mobile developer • Find a way to have “data” written in your resume *Totally invented by me based on my limited view of my direct surro