Security monitoring - Penetration testing meets monitoring

Security monitoring - Penetration testing meets monitoring

Presented at Monitorama EU 2013

How often do you have a full penetration test done on your application? How often do you deploy changes to your application? This talk is for everyone who worries about the difference between the answers to those two questions.

Penetration testing and other forms of security testing are often a mystery to developers and operations people alike, a specialist skill available only on the largest projects. With lots of good open source penetration testing tools available it doesn't have to be that way, especially if we can turn some of those tools into things we run constantly from our monitoring system.

This talk will:

* Identify security relevant metrics from a few tools available in a typical web stack
* Suggest a few more useful system tools which provide both protection and metrics
* Highlight a number of open source penetration testing tools, and show a few of them in use
* Find out which of those tools lend themselves to automation
* Bring it all together in a modern monitoring system

After the talk the audience will hopefully be:

* Scared of putting things on the internet
* Wanting to install a few simple tools that provide some protection
* Aware of a number of penetration testing tools they can use with their monitoring systems


Gareth Rushgrove

September 20, 2013