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The End of the General Purpose Operating System

The End of the General Purpose Operating System

Talk for the London Devops meetup. Lots of speculation, talk of economic impact of technology advancement and big ideas. Hypervisors, containers, unikernels, and other future operating system trends.

Gareth Rushgrove

March 04, 2015

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  1. The End of the General Purpose Operating System Puppet Labs

    Gareth Rushgrove And other stories of the future
  2. The future is already here — it's just not very

    evenly distributed. Gareth Rushgrove William Gibson
  3. The hypervisor of containers The race to PID 1 Your

    container operating system The rise of the Unikernels Gareth Rushgrove
  4. Operating systems take a long time to boot, and we’re

    booting them more often Gareth Rushgrove
  5. Operating systems have a lot of moving parts that need

    managing and securing Gareth Rushgrove
  6. If my web application server is talking to a printer

    something has gone horribly wrong* Gareth Rushgrove *Or you work for Moo. Hi nice Moo people.
  7. Gareth Rushgrove ~ » docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID

    CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE garethr/mirageapp latest e524b7c2faaa 2 weeks ago 2.402 MB swarm latest 92d78d321ff2 2 weeks ago 7.19 MB garethr/realapp latest 0fc02241d533 5 weeks ago 442.5 MB ubuntu latest b39b81afc8ca 6 weeks ago 188.3 MB ubuntu trusty b39b81afc8ca 6 weeks ago 188.3 MB jeanblanchard/busybox-java latest 906dc9067a40 5 weeks ago 160.2 MB busybox latest 4986bf8c1536 8 weeks ago 2.433 MB scratch latest 511136ea3c5a 20 months ago 0 B
  8. That’s a lot of things to track inside what’s meant

    to be a black box Gareth Rushgrove
  9. Don’t expect all this to replace what we have now,

    but to run alongside it Gareth Rushgrove