The Board Whisperer

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October 04, 2018

The Board Whisperer

At this point in Agile's lifecycle, many teams have switched to using a Kanban Board. Some are simple, three-column trackers; others are considerably more involved. Yet, many teams don't know how to stop for a moment and listen to their board. It's gently trying to nudge them about the changes that it needs to make them a better team. Come along and learn how we can go from simple to just complicated enough, smoothly.

In a new team, we started with a three-column standard to something that fits us perfectly. Our board won't work for you, but by learning how, when, and why we made our changes, you can make a board that works perfectly for your team too. See the patterns and anti-patterns; listen to the change that your board is crying out for; and enjoy the results.



October 04, 2018