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The Pākalā Kids

Gavin Arucan
September 24, 2020

The Pākalā Kids

On the run from their home in the rustic, old plantation town of Pākalā Village, Kauaʻi, two best friends, Lani and Dixie, embark on a journey up Waimea Canyon.

Gavin Arucan

September 24, 2020

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  1. Dialog LANI (O.S.): I almost had it! I felt it's

    tail! The Pakala Kids Page 12/170
  2. Dialog LANI (O.S.): E ulu, e ulu, kini o ke

    Akau... The Pakala Kids Page 49/170
  3. Dialog DIXIE (O.S.) (mocking): No! I'm old and mushy! You

    can't pick me! The Pakala Kids Page 62/170
  4. Dialog LANI: A'e mai... A'e mai i noho i kou

    kuahu... Ummm... The Pakala Kids Page 65/170
  5. Dialog LANI (O.S.): Kunihi ka mauna i ka la'i e,

    'o Wai'... The Pakala Kids Page 104/170
  6. Dialog DIXIE: ...And she was just all in my mom's

    face like... The Pakala Kids Page 122/170
  7. Dialog DIXIE: Of course she doesn't believe me, so now

    I... The Pakala Kids Page 126/170
  8. Dialog LEIALOHA (O.S.):You wen do that yesterday! You're supposed to

    be helping yo' faddah now! The Pakala Kids Page 132/170
  9. Dialog LANI (O.S.): Okay! Ow! Just let me say bye

    real fast! The Pakala Kids Page 133/170