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[ZendCon2017] Meet Johnny the Deployer: A LAMP Stack Professional's Journey to Artificial Intelligence

[ZendCon2017] Meet Johnny the Deployer: A LAMP Stack Professional's Journey to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence products are all the rage these days. How do we, as LAMP stack professionals, ensure we embark this wonderful journey?

After working on AI-powered applications for a while now, we'll show you how we built, with PHP, a devops chatbot that enables the release manager skip the confusing discussions with the tekkies and master the release process.

Here are some questions you may ask Johnny:
“What tickets are ready for QA?”
“Prepare a release candidate and deploy it to QA”
“When did we last install the API in staging?”
“How did the traffic look for the last 36 hours?”
“How many sales are there today compared with last week?”
“What version of the API is installed in production?”
“How many servers are we using now in the integration environment?”
“What is the medium load across the cluster in the last three days.”
“List the last three deployments in the way environment.”
“Who ordered the update on release candidate?”

AI is not scary, and there are a lot of awesome things you can do with it right from PHP. Johnny is our devops friend that we created, and we'll show you how helpful he is in our day-to-day tasks.

Georgiana Gligor

October 26, 2017

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