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[IPC spring 2018] How to train your minions

[IPC spring 2018] How to train your minions

Ever wondered what the fast track to being a full-stack developer is? It's true we learn best by delivering, but what how should we structure our learning approach to maximise results?

In this talk I'll share my method of bringing juniors up to speed in order to work on large, critical, customer-facing projects. It's been verified on tens of developers over the last 7 years, and refined by personal input from each and every one of them.

Georgiana Gligor

June 05, 2018

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  1. !2 ๏ Geek. Mother. Do-er. ๏ Crafting enterprise apps ๏

    Large-Scale Application Architect ๏ RomaniaPHP Conference Organiser ๏ Systems Engineering PhD Student Georgiana Gligor @gbtekkie [email protected]
  2. ‹#› GOAL Understand the environment in which PHP applications are

    deployed and be aware of specific constraints under which we operate.
  3. ‹#› ๏ pick an easy data crawl + basic data

    display project ๏ implement it traditionally (one PHP file per business need) ๏ it must be live at the end of the month METHOD
  4. ‹#› ๏ cURL for crawling data ๏ forbid using a

    database - learn the power of the filesystem ๏ no frameworks ๏ no version control at this point CONSTRAINTS
  5. ‹#› ๏ google + stackoverflow FOCUS ๏ WAMP ๏ click

    ๏ database-centric thinking embrace the PHP manual Linux command-line requirements-oriented mindset }
  6. ‹#› ๏ keep the easy data crawl + basic data

    display project ๏ remove all the code we produced in the first month! ๏ pick an easy, well-documented MVC framework METHOD
  7. ‹#› ๏ raw PHP methods FOCUS ๏ learn from tutorials

    ๏ bash commands learn to integrate libraries use the framework documentation simple deploy pipeline read 3rd party libraries source }
  8. ‹#› ๏ keep the easy data crawl + basic data

    display project ๏ pick an enterprise framework ๏ allow database usage METHOD
  9. ‹#› ๏ ad-hoc requirements FOCUS ๏ manual testing ๏ code

    specification customer-driven requirements automated validation independent thinking }