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Gateway - How to bring down our monolith

Gateway - How to bring down our monolith

Talk given during a PHP meetup in Poland. I present here the main problems of the old BlaBlaCar monolith and how we are trying to change.

Benjamin De Bernardi

October 20, 2015

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  1. 29 582 Commits There are “only” 15 506 commits for

    symfony/symfony There are “only” 10 228 commits for joyent/node There are “only” 9 266 commits for twbs/bootstrap There are 44 809 commits for rails/rails (but it’s ruby… #troll)
  2. What else ? • Long learning curve • Too many

    side effects • Time consuming • Big maintenance • Spaghetti code
  3. • It’s code. • It uses DDD. • Everyone love

    it! • It’s very well organized. • There’s a lot of (very) strict rules. • It separates business logic & data access. • It’s a vendor! It’s easy to use everywhere!
  4. Gateway • Flexible • Very strict • Easy to test

    • Deployed when needed • Used for all new projects
  5. Gateway V3 W W W W W C W C

    C C W Current ecosystem W • 90 workers • 40 commands
  6. V3 W W W W W C W C C

    C W Future ecosystem? W Gateway Gateway Gateway
  7. V3 W W W W W C W C C

    C W Future ecosystem? W B B B B B B D D D
  8. Micro services are not a silver bullet, they won’t solve

    all your problems. We are still working on our gateway stuff :)