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21 Takeaways

21 Takeaways

The most relevant takeaways from the first ~20 https://shipit.show episodes.

Presented at Dagger team summit - Paris, June 2022.

Gerhard Lazu

June 21, 2022

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  1. 50 Takeaways First year of shipit.show v2022.06 ! gerhard.io

  2. 50 21 Takeaways First year of shipit.show v2022.06 ! gerhard.io

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  6. Noah vs. Nadal Paris - May, 2018

  7. ❝In FreeBSD we pay a lot of attention to breaking

    changes. We have what we call POLA: Principle of Least Astonishment❞ Jean-Sébastien Pedron - RabbitMQ & FreeBSD contributor → shipit.show/9
  8. ❝Start off assuming that we’re wrong, rather than assuming that

    we’re right. at stuff just works better.❞ Dave Farley - inventor of the Deployment Pipeline → shipit.show/5
  9. ❝You want to get your ideas into the hands of

    users quickly and e ciently so that you can learn, adapt & change.❞ Dave Farley - inventor of the Deployment Pipeline → shipit.show/5
  10. ❝ e ability to make small changes quickly, observe the

    impacts of a change so that you’re in effect controlling the variables, limiting the scope, the blast radius of mistakes, is a fantastic way of making progress e ciently.❞ Dave Farley - inventor of the Deployment Pipeline → shipit.show/5
  11. How do we get small changes in front of our

    users quickly?
  12. We type faster

  13. We type faster We work all hours We hire more

  14. Many small changes deployed continuously using a fast & reliable

  15. None
  16. ❝I think a lot of people in this industry, myself

    included, have a lot of imposter syndrome. I have a ton right now, because I just started at Vercel, and I’m working with very smart people.❞ Wait for it... → shipit.show/17
  17. ❝ e way that I combat kind of imposter syndrome

    is to embrace failure as much as I can. And if I do that, then I’m constantly thinking like a scientist, because I’m trying to prove myself wrong in order to ship the right thing for the customer.❞ Last one... → shipit.show/17
  18. Kathy Korevec - Head of Product, Vercel → shipit.show/17

  19. Ben Ford - former Royal Marine Commando → shipit.show/4

  20. Ben Ford - former Royal Marine Commando → shipit.show/4

  21. What is this?

  22. ❝ e end of CI should be an artifact. CD

    is about how you actually ship that artifact to different environments.❞ Katie Gamanji - Senior Engineer, Apple → shipit.show/8
  23. e History of DevOps Tom Chaveau Today, 4pm-ish

  24. e History of DevOps Tom Chauveau Today, 4pm-ish

  25. ❝All the interesting are only gonna happen in production.❞ Who

    said this?
  26. None
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  28. ❝Product people should never be telling engineers what to do.

    It should be a triad. You’ve got product, design, engineering. You are all equals. All your voices matter. You are experts in your own domain.❞
  29. None
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  31. ❝If you’re frustrated about the performance of your engineering team,

    take a long, hard look at your CI/CD pipeline. 15 mins or bust. Charity Majors - Co-founder & CTO, Honeycomb.io → shipit.show/11
  32. None
  33. 10/21

  34. ❝Yesterday I pushed something which actually impacted every service, and

    you just see a list of 30-40 ticks as the different CD pipelines are running in parallel, and then you can push it out with a huge amount of confidence without worrying about synchronizing everything.❞ Alan Cooney - Founder & CEO, Skyhook Adventure → shipit.show/13
  35. All your base are belong to Monorepos

  36. ❝ ere’s this constant trade-off between picking new tools and

    actually getting stuff done and shipping it.❞ Saul Cullen - CTO, Skyhook Adventure → shipit.show/13
  37. ! " Dagger: learning + wiring vs. getting stuff done

    & shipping it
  38. ❝How much friction is there day to day in people’s

    lives? How organically are they able to take an idea, communicate it into a product feature, prioritize, schedule, work on, ship into production & validate?❞ Justin Searls - Co-founder & VP of Engineering, Test Double → shipit.show/16
  39. ❝And if we’re going to optimize for one thing, it’s

    probably smoothness over speed.❞ Justin Searls - Co-founder & VP of Engineering, Test Double → shipit.show/16
  40. ! Day after tomorrow, 11am-ish

  41. None
  42. ❝ e only thing that truly matters is whether we

    are actually creating value for our business in a sustainable way. What should be the most important engine to any engineering team is truly the empathy and the customer satisfaction.❞ Arnaud Porterie - Founder & CEO, Echoes → shipit.show/24
  43. None
  44. ❝In my past in my career I worked on some

    products that we were not using internally, and it’s very di cult to just rely on your users to get feedback. You have to use your products.❞ One of us said it, but who? → shipit.show/23
  45. ❝What we try to encourage is a learning by doing

    type of approach to using the product. We’ll give people pointers and nudges. And this osmosis approach is very deliberate and sort of leads to this kind of organic growth and adoption across organizations.❞ Chris Evans - Co-founder & CPO , Incident.io → shipit.show/21
  46. None
  47. ❝One of the lessons of Y Combinator is that it’s

    never gonna be ready and it’s never gonna be good enough for you… You have to put it out to see what potential customers think of it. at is the only signal that really matters. It’s very uncomfortable at first, but I totally agree that it was the right thing to do.❞ Arnaud Porterie - Founder & CEO, Echoes → shipit.show/24
  48. None
  49. Do you remember the day that Airbnb launched? No, obviously

    not. I don’t remember. Nobody does. And it doesn’t matter. ere’s not a single day that Airbnb actually launched. ey launched a hundred times during several years. at’s the reality of any business. Arnaud Porterie - Founder & CEO, Echoes → shipit.show/24
  50. We have three priorities ! Strong & engaged community !

    Actual projects doing something real & being happy ! Cloud product with great conversion & retention that we can sell Solomon Hykes - Co-founder & CEO, Dagger.io → shipit.show/23
  51. ❝Communities are probably one of the hardest things to build

    and sustain, but the reward is huge. You get some feedback, you get some criticism, you get some angry people. But that’s super important. It helps to build some great tools together.❞ Emile Vauge - Founder & CEO , Traefik → shipit.show/19
  52. 1. ! Do the hard thing 2. e rest will

    be easy
  53. ! " ☞ Do the hard & focus on our

    community ☞ How do we optimise for user feedback? ☞ Learning + wiring Dagger vs. getting stuff done & shipping it ☞ Interested in v2 of this talk for US offsite?