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IBM Bluemix Garage: What? How? Why?

IBM Bluemix Garage: What? How? Why?

What is IBM Bluemix Garage? How does it work in the context of Bluemix? Why does IBM believe Bluemix Garage is essential for delivering business value more efficiently? What role does Extreme Programming play in all this?


Gerhard Lazu

May 21, 2015

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  1. 1. Flash LORA device to read temperature 2. Create &

    bind Twilio service 3. Configure Node-RED
  2. # add plugin repo cf add-plugin-repo garage http://garage-cf-plugins.eu-gb.mybluemix.net/ # install

    plugin cf install-plugin blue-green-deploy -r garage # zero-downtime deploy with smoke tests cf bgd your-app --smoke-test script/smoke-test
  3. services: - service: redis name: cache plan: 100 - service:

    rabbitmq name: queue plan: 100 applications: - name: mad-app1 domain: example.com host: hostname hosts: - additional_hostname_1 - additional_hostname_2 env: APP_NAME: app1-madifested APP_DEPLOYMENT_DATE: 20150311 services: - cache - queue - name: mad-app2