Open Sourcing Working

Open Sourcing Working

There’s a debate raging right now. On one side: “GitHub is my resume.” On the other side: “That’s unfair to non-OSS folks and even discriminatory to minorities.”

This is a tricky topic. Land mines abound. This discussion will likely step on some toes. But it’s a conversation we need to have, even if we walk away offended.

It goes far beyond whether your resume is a GitHub profile or a Word .doc file. Embracing OSS for employment doesn’t have to be a disproportional popularity contest. We have to dig far deeper than just looking at someone’s code and trying to use that to determine a good fit for hire. The interactions are far more important than the characters.

Let’s explore first how you open-source your candidacy for employment. Then we’ll explore why employment should embrace this and what it means for the future of interviews and hires. Then we’ll cast a vision for how this will rewire the ways companies interact with the OSS community, even long after the offer letter.


Kyle Simpson

July 23, 2015