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Ruby Community and RubyConfID (Sept 2017)

Ruby Community and RubyConfID (Sept 2017)

Presenting about ruby community in Indonesia and RubyConfID on universities and other communities


Giovanni Sakti

September 13, 2017


  1. Ruby Community and RubyConfID @giosakti

  2. @giosakti

  3. @giosakti You can call me

  4. Organizer id-ruby

  5. Co-organizer JakartaJS

  6. I work for @starqle & @virkea

  7. Speak ruby since 2009

  8. Also speak java, Javascript & currently learning elixir

  9. Today..!

  10. Ruby Community and RubyConfID @giosakti

  11. Ruby community is known to be friendly (nice)

  12. MINASWAN (Matz is nice and so we are nice)

  13. MINASWAN (Matz is nice and so we are nice) みなさん

    (read: mina-san) translation: everyone (polite)
  14. Friday Hug

  15. None
  16. None
  17. In Indonesia, we are known as id_ruby We are active

    on Slack, Telegram and Meetup Feel free to join Slack: Telegram: Meetup:
  18. None
  19. None
  20. We held meetups regularly

  21. Notable companies that uses Ruby

  22. None
  23. How about in Indonesia?

  24. List of Ruby companies in Indonesia can be seen in

    ID- Ruby homepage! Feel free to browse !
  25. None
  26. Now that you know more about Ruby...

  27. Events



  30. Notable people in the Ruby world will speak at Ruby

    Conference in Jakarta!
  31. None
  32. H-23 tick..tock

  33. Tickets! • • Early Bird 350.000 (limited quantity)

  34. Speakers Lineup!

  35. How I learned Indonesian within 30 days

  36. Ruby Concurrency Management Now and Future

  37. TBA

  38. Ruby is Dead?

  39. The CFPs !

  40. None
  41. 52 Submissions!

  42. Portland, OR Kerala Goa, India Kochi, India Jakarta, Indonesia Kannur

    OK, USA Singapore Portland, OR Bangalore Berlin, Germany Greater New York City Area Brazil Cochin, India Pune, India
  43. Shaiju E. (IND) Give REST a rest, use GraphQL for

    your next Ruby API Rishi Jain (IND) Game Development - The Ruby way. Baskara Patria (INA) Dealing with Increasing Records in Ruby on Rails and PSQL Abdullah Kim-Ee Yeoh (INA) How to Understand Immutability in Ruby: Origins, Prolog, LISP, and Matz Taufan Aeroperkasa (INA) Breaking The Circuit using Hystrix and JRuby Evan Purnama (INA) Lessons Learned : 3 years+ on Ruby on Rails (RoR) Tony Vincent T.Y (IND) Meet Crystal - Ruby's compiled younger sibling Nimmy J. Vipin (IND) How you can use sentiment analysis for better customer engagement Mufid Afif (INA) But server processed wrong submission! Understanding Race Condition
  44. Harwin Prahara (INA) V for Versioning: how we ship new

    feature while maintaining legacy support Taufiq Muhammadi (INA) The Future is the Past is the Future: Building a Static Site in 2017 Agung Setiawan (INA) Be a Ruby (and Rails) Evangelist Rika Rumiyati (INA) How I met Ruby on Rails (and into it) Galih Muhammad (INA) Using Rails 5 As Your API Backend May Not Be The Stupidest Idea
  45. More Details

  46. Perks

  47. None
  48. Delegate Kits!

  49. Design by @arlymursalin

  50. F.A.Q

  51. Maaf mas/mbak.. Kalau ikut, dapet sertifikat ngga?

  52. Digital Attendance certificate If you need attendance certificate, we can

    provide it. Just reach us out after the second day of the conference is over.
  53. Kalau mahasiswa dapet diskon nggak?

  54. print rubyconf_voucher if user.student?

  55. print rubyconf_voucher if user.student? IDR 150k

  56. Special Thanks

  57. None
  58. None
  59. None
  60. Community can supports the programming language

  61. Community can supports the programming language We even make an

    association to make this event happen!
  62. Say hello to PERKODI

  63. Say hello to PERKODI Get involved!

  64. None
  65. Around 70+ official, paid members already registered. We’re always open

    for new members, see for details Thank You!
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  67. Twitter: @id_ruby Slack: Telegram: Meetup: Buy Ticket: Student Ticket:
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