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powershell@puppet.com (12 Apr 2017)

April 12, 2017

powershell@puppet.com (12 Apr 2017)

A lightning talk for the PowerShell and DevOps summit 2017


April 12, 2017

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  1. powershell@puppet.com @glennsarti

  2. Me • Senior Software Engineer at Puppet Specialising in Windows

    • 15 years in Desktop Engineering and IT Navy, Government, Mining, Finance, Corporate • DevOps advocate @glennsarti
  3. 1. Simple developer tools Day to day helpful things 2.

    PS Module for VM Pooler Using the VM Pooler API and a WPF GUI 3. The Powershell Module for Puppet A story of next level shenanigans @glennsarti
  4. Simple developer tools @glennsarti

  5. Demo time? @glennsarti

  6. PS Module for VM Pooler @glennsarti

  7. What is VM Pooler? “Provide configurable 'pools' of instantly available

    (running) virtual machines” @glennsarti
  8. @glennsarti

  9. It has a REST API so … Invoke-RESTMethod time! @glennsarti

  10. But where’s the demo?

  11. The PowerShell Module for Puppet … @glennsarti

  12. … Next level shenanigans @glennsarti

  13. @glennsarti

  14. v1.0.6 @glennsarti

  15. exec { 'Delete thing': command => 'Remove-Item C:\first.txt', onlyif =>

    'Test-Path C:\first.txt', provider => powershell, } exec { 'Create thing': command => 'New-Item C:\2nd.txt', unless => 'Test-Path C:\2nd.txt', provider => powershell, } @glennsarti
  16. @glennsarti EXEC powershell.exe powershell.exe powershell.exe powershell.exe EXEC

  17. Benefits & Problems @glennsarti

  18. v2.0.0 @glennsarti

  19. @glennsarti EXEC powershell.exe EXEC RS+ RS+ RS+ RS+

  20. Benefits @glennsarti

  21. v2.0.2 @glennsarti

  22. @glennsarti EXEC powershell.exe EXEC RS+ RS+ RS+ RS+

  23. @glennsarti EXEC powershell.exe (+) EXEC RS RS RS RS

  24. Benefits @glennsarti

  25. … on the 4th August 2016 @glennsarti

  26. (MODULES-3690) Powershell module hangs on latest Powershell (5.1.14394.1000) @glennsarti

  27. @glennsarti PowerShell GH Issue #2068 (Curly) PowerShell GH Issue #2071

  28. v2.1.0 @glennsarti

  29. puppet @glennsarti EXEC powershell.exe (+) EXEC RS RS RS RS

    Named Pipes
  30. Benefits & Problems @glennsarti

  31. v2.x.0 (In progress) @glennsarti

  32. puppet @glennsarti EXEC powershell.exe (+) EXEC RS RS RS RS

    Named Pipes
  33. puppet @glennsarti EXEC Powershell Core EXEC RS RS RS RS

  34. Benefits & Problems @glennsarti

  35. @glennsarti MODULES-3945 https://tickets.puppetlabs.com/browse/MODULES-3945

  36. @glennsarti Require a fix in Dotnet Core CLR Add-Type reference

    assembly bug https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/issues/1616
  37. @glennsarti PowerShell needs to build with later Dotnet Core version

  38. @glennsarti Unable to determine CLR version within PowerShell https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/issues/1984

  39. @glennsarti Dotnet Core missing support for Unix Domain Sockets Can’t

    pass in a domain socket name https://github.com/dotnet/corefx/commit/fcc5cc9d78
  40. @glennsarti Loopback behaviour IP4 vs IP6

  41. v2.2.0 (In progress) @glennsarti

  42. puppet @glennsarti EXEC powershell.exe EXEC /usr/bin/powershell /usr/bin/powershell /usr/bin/powershell /usr/bin/powershell POSIX

  43. Benefits & Problems @glennsarti

  44. Demo?

  45. https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-powershell @glennsarti http://glennsarti.github.io/ https://speakerdeck.com/glennsarti All images are copyright of their

    respective owners