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Glynnis Recommends Things

Glynnis Recommends Things

Resources, methods, and tools to inspire and keep UX/design skills current.


Glynnis Ritchie

April 08, 2016


  1. Glynnis Recommends Things Resources, methods, and tools to inspire and

    keep UX/design skills current.
  2. Email Lists

  3. Responsive Design Weekly http://responsivedesignweekly.com/ Curated by Justin Avery

  4. This Week at InVision https://www.invisionapp.com/

  5. Web Animation Weekly http://webanimationweekly.com/ Curated by Rachel Nabors

  6. The Modern Desk http://www.themoderndesk.com/ Curated by Kai Branch of Offscreen

  7. Remotive https://remoteworking.curated.co Curated by Rudolph Dutel

  8. SVG Weekly https://tinyletter.com/svgweekly

  9. The Journal http://www.thejournal.email/ Curated by Kevin Rose

  10. Austin Kleon’s Newsletter http://austinkleon.com/ Author of “Steal Like an Artist”

  11. Tutorials & Online Learning

  12. dontfeartheinternet.com High-level overview of how to start coding

  13. teamtreehouse.com Interactive Tutorials on Coding

  14. codeschool.com Interactive Tutorials on Coding

  15. codeacademy.com Interactive Tutorials on Coding

  16. skillshare.com Learn new creative skills Referral link: http://skl.sh/1S0kyTQ

  17. Safari Books O’Reilly and other books online, FREE

  18. Conferences

  19. lanyrd.com Conference Tracking & Discovery

  20. Conferences to Watch CSS

  21. Around the Web

  22. css-tricks.com/ Chris Coyier

  23. abookapart.com Books on Design and Front End Development

  24. swiss-miss.com Interesting design links

  25. uxbooth.com UX resources and articles

  26. sethgodin.com Author, entrepreneur, marketer

  27. Twitter Peeps

  28. None
  29. None
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  34. Thanks! @glynnisritchie