Presentation for hiring

Presentation for hiring


Gojo & Company, Inc.

August 01, 2020


  1. We are hiring! (as of June 2020)

  2. Our official language is English. ភាសាផ្ ល ូវការរបស់យ ើងគឺភាសាអង់យគេស។ අපේ

    නිල භාෂාව ඉංග්රීසි පේ. हमारी आधिकाररक भाषा अंग्रेजी है। 当社の公用語は英語です。 2
  3. 1. Overview 2. What we do 3. Our Future 4.

    How we work 5. Why Gojo? 6. Wanted! Appendix Table of Contents 3
  4. Why we exist “Money is something that incorporates love, commitment,

    trust, the dreams my father had for me, his principles and more, thus motivating me to work and study hard.” – Taejun Shin, Founder & CEO At Gojo, we believe that finance has the innate potential to strengthen ties among people and motivate a person to achieve their goals. That is the type of financial service we want to create. We want to create a world in which everyone can try to overcome his or her destiny. 4
  5. Gojo & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. | 5 Mission

    Extend financial inclusion to everyone Corporate Information Foundation: July 2014 Business: Microfinance in emerging countries Group: 7 Partners (Affiliates) in 4 countries Financials: Capital $95mil / Revenue $50mil (2019) Employees: Standalone 27 / Consolidated 3,424 Overview
  6. Gojo & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. | 6 Gojo

    (Japan) Maxima (Cambodia) Sejaya (Sri Lanka) MIFIDA (Myanmar) Ananya (India) Satya (India) MF 6K 28 MF 26K 6 MF 157K 37 Wholesale 54 MFI 38 others 40 MF 376K 135 Housing 11K 34 MSME n/a 18 Type Clients AUM ($mil) Group Structure Aviom (India) Loan Frame (India)
  7. 3,424 (Feb 2020) Gojo & Company, Inc. All rights reserved.

    | 7 No. of staff reached 3,500+ ---------------------- Cambodia 173 (5.0%) ---------------------- Sri Lanka 140 (4.0%) ---------------------- Myanmar 816 (23.8%) ------------------ India (Ananya) 35 (1.0%) ----------------- India (Satya) 1,833 (53.5%) ------------------------------ Gojo 29 (0.8%) ------------------ India (Aviom) 342 (10.0%) ------------- India (Loan Frame) 56 (1.6%) 1,886 (Jan 2019) Total Employees (Group total)
  8. 3.6 12.6 32.1 53.0 270.1 521.0 4Q14 4Q15 4Q16 4Q17

    4Q18 4Q19 Establishment of Gojo Rapid growth in the last 6 year No. of end-clients of Gojo Group Companies (in 000s) Gojo & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. | 8 * We support more than half a million low-income household in the world!
  9. Incomparable reputation built in just 6 years since the establishment

    Cover Page Forbes Japan 20 best U-40 CEOs of Japan By Harvard Business Review Japan Edition Young Global Leader 2018 The World Economic Forum (only 100 selected worldwide) Gojo & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. | 9
  10. What We Do 10

  11. How provision of financial access relates to our vision? Factors

    of equality of opportunity (= our vision) What the factors bring Reason to exist in the world Will to make efforts Ability to make friends Know where you are Realize how things should be Understand future options Earn and Borrow Spend for necessities and wants Preserve & Protect their livelihoods Manage & Control own financials Access to Someone’s Love To have someone who really cares and loves you Access to Information To have basic education To know information about the world Access to Finance To save money, borrow money, enter insurance, remit money, etc. We’re here 11
  12. Whom do we serve? 12 Source: UN –Human Development Report

    2019 Monthly Income per adult (PPP USD) % of the World Population 5% 13% 15% 8% USD 2,000 USD 5,000 USD 1,000 USD 100 59% The Extreme Poor The Poor Income-generating Activities Higher-income & Stable Job Entrepreneurs/Business Investment Low-income & Unstable Job Self-employed Micro Entrepreneurs Extremely low-pay and unstable jobs Household Client Business Client ① ② Gojo’s end-clients
  13. We find great team, invest and work to provide quality

    and low- price financial service for 100+ million people in 50+ countries 13 1. Find the world’s greatest people who can build great organizations with us 2. Raise fund and inject capital to the financial institutions to accelerate the growth 3. Develop/provide quality financial service with the group companies Financial Inclusion Platform • Micro Credit • Micro Saving • Affordable Housing Finance • MSME Financing
  14. Our Growth Strategy 14

  15. Gojo’s long-term strategy and goals Gojo & Company, Inc. All

    rights reserved. | 15 A world where everyone can determine their own future i.e., Expanding the equality of opportunity in the world. Vision Mission Extend financial inclusion to everyone Long-term Goal By 2030, we work in 50 countries and serve 100 million clients as the Private Sector World Bank Target customer segment Depositors 90% Borrowers 30% The clients are defined as account holders. In the long term, 90% of the clients are expected to be depositors and 30% are borrowers. 20% of clients to have both deposit and loan accounts By income 2. The remaining would be MSMEs and the other individuals whose income level is above the median but are vulnerable to falling below it through lack of access to useful and affordable financial services 1. Roughly 80% of our clients will be low- income households in developing nations, whose income is below the median of the nation 20% By product 80% Aspiration in Each Market In each market, we pursue to be one of the top players in terms of the number of clients and asset size in the broadest competitors list. Being top players entails that we have more than 3% of the population or 10% of the total potential clients (households) as our clients. Median
  16. We plan our geographical expansion from East to West Gojo

    & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. | 16 Current Operations Future Operations Fundraising as of today Fundraising in the future Started with Asia Start in Africa after 2020 Start in Latin America after 2026 Go West List of the target countries Country Selection Criteria Our target destinations are countries whose expected population living under poverty (PPP USD 5.5 per day) in 2030 is above 1 million. We will not work in the UN/EU/US/JP sanctioned nations. Regional expansion strategy We plan to enter Africa as our next target region because there are larger unmet needs in the region, and we want to start accumulating knowledge by having a presence there.
  17. Gojo & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. | 17 Global

    scaling (Achieve top 5 shares in each market) Tech application. (Automation, platform, etc.) ✓ Lower cost of funding ✓ Higher efficiency (People and Operations) ✓ Better service quality ✓ Higher efficiency ✓ Scalability We provide best Financial Inclusion services through:
  18. Gojo Specialist Team Partner A Partner B Partner C Gojo

    & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. | 18 Strategy (Product Design, Expansion, Turnaround, Governance, Risk Management) Finance (Fundraising, Budgeting, Internal Audit & Control, Accounting) Technology (MIS, Data Management & Analytics, Digitalization, Credit Scoring) Country Rep Country Rep Country Rep Social (Social Performance Management, Impact Measurement) We work as a management enabler for scale Best practice sharing Best practice sharing
  19. Gojo & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. | 19 Data

    platform ✓ Paperless Process ✓ Cashless Transactions Process digitalization Credit Risk Model Client Apps Digital financial products ✓ Standardization of data collection across Gojo group ✓ Build credit risk assessment model at each partner ✓ Cross Sell ✓ Digitalization of passbooks ✓ Personal finance mgmt. app ✓ Financial literacy ✓ Agent banking ✓ Digital loans, digital savings • Increase staff productivity and improves turnaround time (TAT) • Better customer experience • Deeper insights into customer profile and behavior enabling informed decisions about their needs and associated risks Gojo uses technology as an enabler to improve operational efficiencies, increase last mile access, generate better customer insights and provide products aligned to the need of the customer • Improve portfolio quality and reduce credit costs • Build customer centric products and identify cross-sell opportunities • Deeper engagement with customer and increase in customer base • Achieve greater revenue per customer • Achieve greater scale through agent banking model Our Tech Vision “Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” (Bill Gates) Measures Purposes and Benefits
  20. How we work 20

  21. About our Guiding Principle Guiding Principle Vision State of the

    world we wish to make Mission to achieve the vision Long-term goal after the mission completion Value for our behaviors to reach the goal Management Principle to guide our job Create a world where everyone can determine their future Extend financial inclusion to everyone Enable provision of high-quality affordable financial services for 100+ million unserved and underserved people in 50+ countries by 2030 5 core values, made of (1) Compassion, (2) Integrity; (3) Courte sy, (4) Wisdom, (5) Trust. (details in page 23) Principles in doing our job, made of (1) Consistency, (2) Truth, (3) Ethics and (4) Aesthetics (details in page 24) 21
  22. Gojo Values Gojo & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. |

    22 Gojo is Japanese pronunciation of “五常”, which means five constant virtues of Confucianism, namely:
  23. 1. Consistency Be consistent on what we believe, what we

    speak and what we do 2. Truth Think and behave rightly 3. Ethics We do not do business with which we cannot face our clients, family and friends 4. Aesthetics Pursue the best quality, the best speed and the best simplicity 1–1 We will never compromise on the Guiding Principles for the sake of sentiment or ad-hockery 1–2 We continuously talk to the stakeholders about the Guiding Principles and let them be infected 1–3 We earn trust and reputation by our consistent behavior – media exposure or award is incidental 2–1 Raise issues → Define goal & conditions→Develop thought framework→Collect facts→Think logically→Execute 2–2 When thinking, we rely only on the Guiding Principles, facts and logic, not on prejudice or emotions 2–3 Hide or exaggerate nothing, make the decision-making process transparent and thus make ourselves genuine 3–1 We make a profit not by exploiting clients but by serving them better than any others 3–2 We work with every group member as an equal partner aiming the same goal 3–3 We do not sacrifice our individual and family life for the sake of the work 4–1 We will never compromise on the best process and outputs 4–2 We do things timely – never procrastinate even mentally burdensome things 4–3 While we gather all the necessary information, we convey it with minimum ink, byte and time 23 To stick to Values and Principles are the key to achieve the goal Management Principle
  24. We work quite remotely 24 UK India Sri Lanka Myanmar

    Cambodia Japan Somewhere Germany Singapore
  25. … so we rely heavily on digital communication tools Formal

    Communication Day to Day Communication Voice or Video Call Store documents Make documents (rarely Windows Office) Sometimes we gather and meet face-to-face Principle: Be open and make things transparent (except for the extremely sensitive matters) 25 Communication tools that we use frequently
  26. Gojo & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. | 26 We

    appreciate diversity and see it as one of our strengths The Nationality Composition of Gojo Members The Languages Gojo Members Speak မြန်ြာဘာသာစကာား ភាសាខ្មែរ English 12 Countries 1 Stateless
  27. Unwritten Culture & Style (according to our observation) Curiosity Openness

    Restrained Egalitarianism Uniqueness • We like do things done rather than talking • We don’t like excessive media exposure • We are calm even when we achieve something • We discuss things openly and frankly • We are encouraged to speak up regardless of position and seniority • We like transparency • Everyone is reading a book or learning a new thing • We love to test and introduce new tools • We love visiting somewhere new • We hate bosses doing nothing • We love to hear everyone’s opinion • We care what they say not who they are • Everyone is very unlike the others and unforgettable (you’ll know when you meet them) 27
  28. Why Gojo? 28

  29. Better conditions than going to Antarctica but equally fulfilling By

    Sir Earnest Shackleton (1 century ago) By Gojo (21st century) 29 MEN WANTED ✓ Hazardous journey ✓ Small wages ✓ Bitter cold ✓ Long months of complete darkness ✓ Constant danger ✓ Honor and recognition in case of success PEOPLE WANTED ✓ Journey to provide financial access to all ✓ Not-bad wages ✓ Sometimes sweltering ✓ Long years of constant execution ✓ Almost safe (rarely it’s not) ✓ Honor/recognition and financial upside in case of success Expedition in Antarctica Members to extend Financial Inclusion to everyone
  30. To be fair, let us share with you the negatives

    first 30 Working with developing nations • You will encounter different cultures and thinking, and you will have to live with it • The infrastructure may not be satisfactory (internet, hotel, water, food, etc.) • The technical literacy may not be advanced and thus you may be frustrated • Macro environment sometimes suddenly and mercilessly changes Communication with colleagues may be tough • You may get overwhelmed by the diverse characters of the members • We work remotely, and you may find it a bit challenging to communicate effectively, if you are not good at articulating your idea It’s a startup • The company may disappear at any time, though we work hard to avoid that • In the best case, your total compensation will be larger than high-paying jobs, but the risk-adjusted present value is lower than them Our Standard is High • We will evaluate you critically, as we are serious about making impact • If you are below the requirement, you may be asked to leave Things you may find it challenging or frustrated
  31. … and then the positives Skill Development Endeavor Visible impact

    Financial Upside Working Environment • We can observe how people’s life is changing • It is a fulfilling job, being with mothers in the world • You work for development and growth of colleagues • We do what no one has ever achieved • Skill, knowledge and experience in working in developing nations • Skill, knowledge and experience to work with diversified cultures • Professional skill according to the positions • Good pay scale, improving per financing completions • Stock Option enabling a big potential upside • We are flexible about where you are/ how you work, as long as you deliver the result as an individual & a team 31
  32. We always see the visible impact 32 One weaving machine

    to a small factory 5 staff turns to 250+ in 3 years Visible Impact
  33. It is a fulfilling job, being with working mothers in

    the world Visible Impact 33
  34. It is a fulfilling job, seeing the confidence in the

    mothers Visible Impact 34
  35. Helping colleagues’ growth & development is a big joy Visible

    Impact 35
  36. We are making a history that no one has achieved

    36 List of MFIs doing business in many other countries *Foundation activities only Endeavor Name Started in Founded in No. of foreign operations ACLEDA Cambodia 1993 2 |||||| FINCA US 1984 20 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Grameen Bangladesh 1983 n/a* LOLC Sri Lanka 1980 4 |||||||||||| ASA Bangladesh 1978 12 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| BRAC Bangladesh 1972 13 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Gojo (now) Japan 2014 7 |||||||||||||||||||||||| By 2025 20 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| By 2030 50 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Historic Endeavor
  37. You will develop good skills 37 Skill, knowledge and experience

    in working in emerging markets • Tough environment enables you to deal with contingencies • You will learn about the fastest growing economies • You can develop a good network in the local economies Skill, knowledge and experience to work with diversified people • Remotely working with various unique people helps you develop communication abilities (English, tools / skills of remote communication, various protocols, empathy, etc.) Professional skill according to the positions Example (details are in later): • Country Representative: various general management skillsets • Investment team: general skillsets for PE investments Things you will acquire once working in Gojo Skill Development
  38. The total compensation = Cash compensation + Stock Option 38

    Components of Total Compensation Cash Compensation (paid every month) Stock Option (paid at IPO) Components of your total compensation and how it increases Drivers of Compensation Increase ▪ Your performance ▪ Completion of new financing ▪ Your performance, grade & service years ▪ Increase of company’s share price Financial Upside
  39. Stock Option – How it works 39 Your performance, grade

    & service years All members’ performance, grade & service years $7 million Total No. of Gojo’s staff and key members of subsidiaries Share price of Gojo at IPO Share price of Gojo at 2017 (JPY 1,404) Your SO Proceed How your SO proceed is calculated (rough estimate) Example: - IPO at JPY2,800 share price with current group scale: $7 million for 20 people - IPO at JPY8,400 share price with 2x bigger team: $35 million for 40 people Financial Upside
  40. Wanted! 40

  41. The recruiting process 41 Application If you are interested in

    joining us, please submit your CV to with the letter noting why you are interested in joining us. We accept English applications only. Selection Process You will talk with several members who will work with you. It is a small team, so we value the chemistry. The average number of interviews is 5 to 6 per candidate. To see if you have enough capability of running the job, we may ask you assignments / exam. This may include the following: (1) Short exam to assess your intellectual ability (2) Case study or other spreadsheet work to assess your hard skill (3) Submission of proposals to Gojo about what you will do after joining us (4) The field visit to see how you communicate and work with people (we anyway strongly recommend you visit the field before joining) Offer When everyone unanimously agreed, we submit the offer letter to you. Joining After the agreement on the detailed terms, you will join us. Welcome! General Information
  42. General Criteria 42 Sharing what we believe in We seek

    only those who believe in our Vision, Mission and the Guiding Principle and are determined to achieve the goal together Personality Personal charm, Open Mindset, Integrity, Empathy, Welcoming diversity, Transparency and Sincerity in Communication Aspiration Proactiveness, Eagerness to learn something new and Having a solid personal goal in their lives Intellectual Potential Quick learner, Analytical and Logical Thinking Ability, Creativity, General Problem-Solving Skill, Judgment and Being able to articulate one’s own thought Experience Relevant industry experience and knowledge to fulfill the careers; At least 2 years of working experience English TOEFL (iBT) 100+, GMAT 700+ or equivalent English communication skill General Information
  43. The vacant position 43 General Information Please find our vacant

    position on our LinkedIn Jobs section You can either apply through LinkedIn Job, or send us your CV with a title of “Your Name_Position” to If we find that you are super in some ways, regardless of the current vacancies we love to work with you.
  44. Waiting for your application!

  45. Appendix What is microfinance 45

  46. 46 What is microfinance? Microfinance is small-scale financial services for

    low-income households who lack access to the formal banking sector. Microfinance institutions (“MFI”s) have provided “financial inclusion” to a large segment of the population that is excluded from mainstream banking. Typically, loan disbursement and collection take place in the clients’ meeting center. (photo taken in Myanmar) Loan officers of MFIs visit the rural villages and provide financial services for the low-income people. (photo taken in Cambodia)
  47. 47 The microfinance clients use the major part of the

    microcredit on starting or expanding the business. Clients of MFIs engage in various activities, and some of them grew their business to small/middle enterprises. Buy woods and make souvenirs for tourists (Sri Lanka) Working capital to run a restaurant in a village (Myanmar) Capital expenditure to expand the cloths production with several employees (Sri Lanka) Working capital to run a local retail shop (Cambodia) Buy a sewing machine to produce more cloths per day (Myanmar) Capital expenditure to make a small weaving factory (Cambodia)
  48. Cash flow management 48 What is microfinance? (continued) Social Impact

    of Microfinance Microfinance has brought about social impact on the local communities through providing financial services to uplift the social status of the clients. The three biggest contributions were (1) access to capital, (2) cash flow management and (3) women empowerment. Access to capital Women empowerment Before After Microfinance provided the people with access to capital by which the low-income people start or expand their business and accelerate their income growth. Thanks to the reliable financial services, microfinance customers can manage their money more steadily to make sure that the food is on their table every day. Most of the clients are women, who have been cornered in the house and the society in developing countries. As they began to generate revenue, their social status went up.
  49. 49 and Financial Success of Microfinance Thanks to its robust

    business model, microfinance has grown rapidly. A number of MFIs achieved a low non-performing loan ratio and handsome profitability. There are several MFIs listed in the stock market. '00 '02 '04 '06 '08 '10 '12 Microcredit loan balance in the world CAGR:37.9% GDP of developing or emerging countries CAGR:10.7% 100 5000 14% 14% 11% 16% 16% 15% 15% 15% 13% 11% 13% 15% 15% 12% 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14% 16% 18% '00 '02 '04 '06 '08 '10 '12 1.8% 2.2% 1.6% 2.4% 1.6% 1.5% 1.3% 1.3% 1.8% 2.3% 2.7% 2.3% 2.9% 2.5% 0.0% 0.5% 1.0% 1.5% 2.0% 2.5% 3.0% 3.5% '00 '02 '04 '06 '08 '10 '12 Source: MIX Market; IMF "World Economic Outlook" Ordinary Profit Margin (World Average) Growth of Global Microcredit (100 in 2000) Loan Write-off Ratio (World Average)
  50. Good business opportunities = foundation of repayment capacity (FYI) Best

    restaurants in Japan $1 million generates $250K / year Raising cows $200 →(16 months)→ $600 Raising pigs $50 →(8 months)→ $200 Raising chickens $5 chickens generates $0.1 / day Businesses of microfinance clients All-in net return per year (rough estimate) 25% 180% 110% 200% 30% interest rate = 1/4 to 1/8 of the investment return Business opportunity in Japan 50
  51. How we define the general problem solving skill 51

  52. 1. You know what is the ideal state to identify

    problems. Therefore, you should have (1) Vision, (2) Observation skill and (3) Aspiration, among others 2. You also know the reality to identify problems. Thus, you should (4) Be close to the field and reality, (5) Speak up to enhance the corporate culture to freely talk on issues and (6) Be able to come up with the monitoring process to track the issues inside the organization 3. After recognizing the gap, you think about the right agenda/hypothesis to solve the issues. This requires (7) Hypothesis/agenda setting ability and (8) Ability to ask right questions (we understand these two are high-level skills, and you may need some practice to acquire them) 4. After setting the agenda, you determine to solve the issues despite all the difficulties. This requires (9) Passion for the job and (10) Ability to enhance corporate culture to continuously abolish problems 5. You know what kind of information you need to verify the hypothesis. The process requires (11) Hypothesis verification ability or (12) Logical thinking ability and (13) Ability to think using framework (framework thinking is a sort of heuristics of logical thinking and hypothesis verification, because not all real issues can be analyzed like academic studies) 6. Then you collect the information from somewhere to verify the hypothesis. The process requires (14) Network with stakeholders and experts (because if you have the access you can quickly jump into the essence), (15) Knowledge about where we can find data (in Internet, library, etc.) and (16) Basic web search skill The 30 key problem solving abilities 52
  53. 7. After collecting the information, you analyze the collected data

    and derive the summary and the insight. This requires (17) Sincerity to face the reality (because sometimes the data may say you’re wrong), (18) Data analysis ability and (19) Ability to summarize and derive the insight 8. Then now you come up with the right solution. To do so, you have (20) List of typical solutions to typical issues (this is often a result of problem solving experience). Sometimes you may need (21) Design thinking ability when creative solution is required and (22) Scenario analysis skill when the problem is systemic 9. The solution should be followed by a specific action plan. Thus you have (23) Knowledge on colleagues’ ability and traits to make the right task allocation, (24) Ability to forecast future events in the course of action and prepare for the issues and (25) System thinking ability, as some actions may entail some events 10. As we are players not consultants, we should execute the action plan. That means, you have (26) Ability to motivate people, (27) Communication skill and (28) Leadership 11. In many cases, the original plan does not work perfectly, and we have to go back to the prior process and do it again until problems are fully solved. Thus you have (29) Basic project management skill, and especially in facing a difficult problem, your (30) Perseverance helps you solve the problem Note: We do not expect that all of you are perfect at all these 30 points, but we wish that you gradually develop your abilities such that you get close to the perfection. The 30 key problem solving abilities – Continued 53