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DevopsdaysIndia 2018: Loki, Prometheus but for logs

DevopsdaysIndia 2018: Loki, Prometheus but for logs

Goutham Veeramachaneni

December 09, 2018

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  1. QQQ

  2. App • Classic 3-tiered app • Deployed in Kubernetes •

    It’s running, but how is it doing? Load balancers App servers DB servers
  3. Logs should be cheap! Existing Solutions are hard to scale

    and operate You don’t need full text search / indexing Metrics, Logs and Traces need to work together More Goals
  4. Service Discovery for Grafana Logging • Prometheus-style service discovery of

    logging targets • Labels are indexed as metadata, e.g.: {job=”app1”} • Relabeling rules
  5. Loki: Scalability Index Chunks Bigtable DynamoDB Cassandra BOLTDB GCS S3

    Ceph / Minio FILES Distributor Ingester Querier
  6. Loki: Status • Alpha software • Focus on correctness, ease-of-use

    first, performance later • Onboard paying customers in Q1 2019 • Beyond Kubernetes
  7. • Cheap but not free :) • Grep + Parsing

    in browser • Can’t do complicated queries Loki: Caveats
  8. Enable Explore UI (BETA: Prometheus) Behind feature flag. To enable,

    edit Grafana config ini file [explore] enabled = true Set up a datasource that supports Explore, e.g., Prometheus. Will be released in 6.0 (Feb 2019)
  9. Logging UI needs to be refined still behind feature flag,

    feedback welcome: @davkals or [email protected] UX improvements on logs and metrics views Performance improvements