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Box Dev 2015 DX Review

Box Dev 2015 DX Review

A Developer Experience (DX) overview of the Box Dev 2015 conference.


John Wang

April 22, 2015

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  1. DX Review - Box Dev 2015 John Wang - April

    22, 2015
  2. Overview   2nd annual Box DEV conference   1,500+ developers

    and entrepreneurs   Fort Mason, San Francisco - 2 Pavilions   Full day event: sessions from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM   Optional Women-in-Tech breakfast   Price: $249.00   Attended Key Note, Mobile SDK Presentation, iOS Workshop, Box View Node.js Workshop
  3. SDKs Front and Center

  4. SDK Focus   New Mobile SDKs Discussed in Key Note

      Browse, Share, and Preview SDKs (Includes UI)   Content SDK (No UI)   Mobile SDK Deep Dive   Multiple developer workshops   SDK Slogan   Complex problems deserve simple SDKs
  5. Mobile SDK Presentation   “Build a Mobile App in 25

    Minutes” tagline   High level discussion   Recap of morning SDK presentation   Example use cases   Sample code slides   Quick review of sample app   Outside speaker from +GNEO
  6. iOS Workshop   Hands-on development and support   Full Objective-C

    demo app in software package   Presentation guides demo   App includes 4 use cases / steps with code   All code is already in example but initially commented out   Each of 4 steps is 3-8 lines max
  7. Box View Node.js Workshop   Hands-on development and support  

    Full Node.js tutorial in software package   Requires writing code using documentation   Uses self-contained FOSS test tool: https://github.com/lakenen/browser-workshopper   Requires Node.js SDK hosted on developer account https://github.com/lakenen/node-box-view
  8. Node.js Workshop Tool https://github.com/lakenen/browser-workshopper

  9. Developer Support   Software Engineers are very interested in DX

      Immediately ask what’s bad about API   Have to create multiple objects to make request   Have to make multiple API calls per use case   Very interested in helping   Ask about and analyze issues, propose solutions, and debug issues
  10. Summary   Developer Focus throughout company from CEO, Product Management,

    Software Engineering, and Business Development   High level presentations with marketecture   Focused presentations with code   Workshops with hands on fully-functional apps
  11. Q&A