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Fundamental Metrics for Software Testing | Swostika

December 27, 2023

Fundamental Metrics for Software Testing | Swostika

Many people claim that finding bugs is the primary measure of success for QA but then, when does it end? Because bugs will always be there! Even in the most used apps, we can regularly find new bugs. So if you evaluate QA success by the number of bugs found, they will never look successful.

In this episode of knowledge ketchup, Swostika tries to explain broader vision of software testing metrics based on her experience.



December 27, 2023

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  1. What is Testing Metrics? A measurement based technique which is

    applied to processes, products and services to supply engineering and management information and working on the information supplied to improve processes,products and services,if required.
  2. What to measure in software testing? Measure the things that

    help you answer the questions you have to answer
  3. Fundamental Testing Metrics • How long will it take to

    test it? • How much time will it take ? • What about the bugs? • How much of it has to be tested? • Will it be ready on time? • How good were the test?