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Rubber Duck Debugging | Prepsa Kayastha | Gurzu

November 22, 2023

Rubber Duck Debugging | Prepsa Kayastha | Gurzu

Do you like debugging?

Rubber duck debugging is a programming and debugging technique in which a programmer explains their code or problem to an inanimate object, often a rubber duck. The idea is that by verbalizing the code and the thought process behind it, the programmer can gain a better understanding of the logic and identify any errors or issues.

In this episode of knowledge ketchup, Prepsa talked about why, how and when to use Rubber Duck Debugging.



November 22, 2023

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  1. • A debugging technique in which you explain your code

    or problem to someone else or an inanimate object, like a rubber duck • First introduced in the book ‘The Pragmatic Programmer’ by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas RUBBER DUCK DEBUGGING
  2. The Psychology Behind It • Forces Articulation of the Problem

    • Engages Multiple Cognitive Processes • Breaks Down Complex Issues • Eliminates Assumptions and Biases
  3. • When to use? • Choosing the right rubber duck

    • Creating a distraction free environment • Be patient and persistent Practical Tips
  4. • The danger of explaining without listening. • When not

    to use Rubber Duck Debugging. • Finding a balance with other debugging techniques. Pitfalls