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Why You Should Read More Fiction | Sodip| Gurzu

December 14, 2023

Why You Should Read More Fiction | Sodip| Gurzu

Non-fiction is great, but the power of fiction is often overlooked. In this episode of Knowledge Ketchup, Sodip talks about how fiction an transform your mind, heart, and soul.


December 14, 2023

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  1. Why You Should Read/Read More Often Long term mental health

    benefits • Less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's & Dementia • Improved memory and lower risk of memory loss • Bibliotherapy is a recognized therapeutic approach that involves reading specific texts to support individuals facing mental health challenges like depression & anxiety *People who read *People who don’t read
  2. Why You Should Read/Read More Often Stress Relief • A

    study conducted at the University of Sussex found that reading ◦ Can reduce stress levels by up to 68% ◦ Is more effective than other stress reduction methods such as listening to music or taking a walk • Similar to mindful meditation
  3. Why You Should Read/Read More Often Improve Cognitive Abilities •

    Creates new synapses in your brain, fostering cognitive growth and enhancing your problem-solving abilities • Expands vocabulary • Improves focus & concentration
  4. Why You Should Read More Fiction Develop Empathy • Understanding

    someone else’s experience • Exposure to different perspectives • Improving of theory of mind
  5. Why You Should Read More Fiction Boost Imagination & Creativity

    • A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that readers of literary fiction, compared to readers of non-fiction or popular fiction, performed better on tests measuring empathy and imagination. • Studies, such as those outlined in the journal Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, have found positive correlations between reading fiction and measures of creativity, including divergent thinking. Reading fiction appears to stimulate cognitive processes that support creative problem-solving.
  6. Why You Should Read More Fiction Relatable Characters • Feel

    validated and affirmed • Gain insights into your own emotions and thought processes • Self-improvement through introspection
  7. Some Personal Tips • Read physical books • Read the

    first page • Read what you enjoy • Don’t stress on quantity • Listening to white noise or pleasing & non-distracting sounds/music
  8. Some Recommendations Sci-Fi Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Klara

    and The Sun Coming of Age The Catcher in The Rye Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki & His Years of Pilgrimage