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CoreOS and (The) Edge of Tomorrow

CoreOS and (The) Edge of Tomorrow

Presentation from the first inaugural CoreOS Meetup in London (http://www.meetup.com/CoreOS-London/)

Milos Gajdos

October 13, 2014

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  1. CoreOS and (The) Edge of Tomorrow
    CoreOS meetup, London

    13th October, 2014

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  2. About me…
    • SysAdmin by trade (10+ years)

    • Programming language tourist, mostly Go, exploring

    • I blog about Linux containers https://containerops.org/

    • Twitter: @milosgajdos

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  3. Road to CoreOS
    “What I’m about to tell
    you sounds crazy, but you
    have to listen to me! Your
    very lives depend on it…”,
    Cage, Edge of Tomorrow

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  4. Road to CoreOS
    Part 1 - Wake up

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  5. Every day felt like the same day

    Broken HW, debugging bash scripts….

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  6. You got in, picked up your weapons and fought

    Albeit the weapons were Nagios, ssh for loops….

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  7. You learnt how to use your weapons

    You became a very skilful soldier

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  8. Road to CoreOS
    Part 2 - Meet Rita

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  9. There are smart people who care just like you do.

    There is hope!

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  10. You find out about configuration management, better
    tooling and monitoring, continuos delivery etc.

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  11. You put together a DevOps team and fight together,
    hoping some day you won’t have to fight any more….

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  12. Road to CoreOS
    Part 3 - Grenade

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  13. With all the infrastructure tooling you build a massive
    DevOps ship - surely you’re gonna win now!

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  14. But the infrastructures are getting even more complex:

    You hazz MICROSERVICES now!

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  15. Then you discover Docker! Surely this is it!

    You take it and throw it all over the infrastructure hoping to win
    once and for all!

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  16. Road to CoreOS

    Epilogue - Evolution
    • Robot soldiers -> 

    (Micro)service delivery men

    • Delivering Applications -> 

    delivering Distributed Platforms

    • Ultimate evolution:

    SysAdmin + Devs -> DevOps -> DistOps
    • Have the OS’ evolved ?

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  17. OS as a Service

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  18. CoreOS
    Opening credits
    • Originally based on Chrome OS
    • Apps as Docker containers

    • Started with read only /, now
    read only ext4 /usr and btrfs /

    • etcd, systemd, fleet

    • Automatic updates (inspired by
    Omaha project)

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  19. CoreOS
    Scene 1 - etcd
    • Distributed k-v store written in Go,


    • SSL optional, ACLs in the future

    • TTL support

    • “Watch” support via HTTP long-
    polling - no push!

    • etcdctl client

    • missing proper benchmark
    information :-(

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  20. CoreOS
    Scene 2 - fleet
    • Distributed init system built on top of

    • It schedules services across the cluster

    • fleetd service has 2 components: 

    engine and agent
    • Service lifecycle:
    create (submit) -> schedule (load) ->run (start) -> remove (destroy)
    • fleetctl client

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  21. CoreOS
    Scene 3 - Updates and security
    • No package manager \o/ YESSSS!

    • Dual partition scheme: active (live) and
    passive (for updates)

    • Atomic (no partial upgrade!) and
    automatic (not just available!)

    • signed and verified

    • updateservicectl to control and test
    update service

    • SSH key auth only BUT sudo without
    password for core user

    • No SELinux/AppArmor etc., YET

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  22. CoreOS
    Closing credits
    • Still fairly young project - first stable
    release July 2014 - HUGE

    • Extensive docs but some of the
    concepts are not easy to grasp

    • Few “??”

    • Security

    • Backup and Restore

    • Networking: flannel, WEAVE
    • Storage: FLOCKER

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  23. –Rita, Edge of Tomorrow
    “Every time you die, you get smarter and you’re
    gonna make sure we will win!”

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  24. –Bret Victor
    “The most dangerous thought you can have as
    a creative person is to think that you know
    what you are doing”

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