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Essential Soft skills Every Developer Should try to have

Essential Soft skills Every Developer Should try to have

In all of my experience as a Software Developer that has worked with teams, having technical Skill is important but Soft Skills are the most important. Soft skills are individual personality traits that determine whether you will work well with your colleagues and be a good fit at a company. These are intangible but extremely important for almost every kind of position. Soft skills include things like good communication, honesty, teamwork, punctuality, integrity, and organization. I'd run through Various soft skills that are essential for developers in this talk

shedrack akintayo

November 02, 2019

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  2. Essential Soft Skills Every Developer Should Try to Have Shedrack

    Akintayo @coder_blvck
  3. About Me. ❑ Frontend Engineer‍ ❑ Community Manager for Facebook

    Developer’s circle ReactJS Clan. ❑ I make a lot of noise on Twitter
  4. Software Development is more than just writing code

  5. “ Technical Skills + Soft Skills = A Balanced Software

    Developer ”
  6. What are Soft Skills?

  7. Oxford Dictionary Says: Soft skills are Personal attributes that enable

    someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.
  8. It’s basically a set of individual personality traits that determine

    whether you will work well with your colleagues and be a good fit at a company
  9. Soft Skills are intangible but extremely important for almost every

    kind of position.
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  11. 97% of the time, it’s all about the person behind

    the code not the code itself. Everybody can write code if they learn, It’s not some sort of super power meant for special people
  12. Soft Skills..... ❑ has to do with more of emotions

    ❑ Cannot be easily learned
  13. What About Technical Skills ? @coder_blvck

  14. “The Ability to effectively convey ideas is just as important

    as the ability to write great code” – Tristan Hamish MacKroy
  15. Soft skills are the difference between adequate candidates and ideal

    candidates. In most competitive job markets, recruitment criteria do not stop at technical ability and specialist knowledge
  16. What About Technical Skills ? @coder_blvck

  17. Technical Skills are: Valuable for Specific Jobs, Technical , Learned

    through training and also practice.
  18. Let’s Deep Dive into these soft skills ‍♀ @coder_blvck

  19. Essential Soft Skills • Communication . • Confidence. • Time

    Management. • Self Management Skills. • Adaptability: Your Willingness to Adjust. • Work Ethic: Your Ability to buckle down. • Teamwork: How well your work with others. • Ability to take criticism/feedback: Your Willingness to grow. • Empathy: How well do you put yourself in others shoes. • Approachability: Your Level of Accessibility. • Perseverance • Problem-Solving • Lifelong Learning • Tone in Code Reviews • Leadership • Critical thinking • Research
  20. But I am an Introvert…….. @coder_blvck

  21. You can improve your soft skills without necessarily changing who

    you are by practice and knowing when and where each of the various soft skills is needed.
  22. Why Should I work on my soft skills? @coder_blvck

  23. It’s makes you different from other employees or candidates. Employers

    these days are looking for the “difference” in you that isn’t in other candidates or employees not just the Skills and qualifications.
  24. •It is important for career advancement. •It goes hand in

    hand with Technical Skills
  25. It is the key to: •Gaining Visibilities •More Opportunities •Building

    important workplace relationships
  26. How can I improve my soft skills? @coder_blvck

  27. • Acknowledge that you need to improve. • Set a

    goal. • Practice having effective conversations with people. • Learn to Speak up more when it is needed. • Read books on soft skills. • Surround yourself with proactive people. • Pay more attention to details • Empathize more with both your colleagues and clients. @coder_blvck
  28. References and Resources • Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life

    Manual by John Sonmez • Working on your soft skills as a software developer by Chiamaka Ikeanyi • 10 Soft Skills every Developer Needs • Top 7 Soft Skills for Developers in 2019 - Simple Programmer @coder_blvck
  29. “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people

    will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. - Maya Angelou @coder_blvck
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