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Painless K8s with Cloud Foundry

Painless K8s with Cloud Foundry

In this talk, I'll be introducing the audience to Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes, how painless it is to deploy an app on Kubernetes or any Iaas, and how it can help improve overall deployment workflow.

shedrack akintayo

April 29, 2021

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  1. Painless K8s with Cloud Foundry Shedrack Akintayo

  2. About Me • Developer Advocate @ Cloud Foundry Foundation •

    Technical Writer (Smashing Mag, LogRocket, Opensource.com) • Open Source Advocate
  3. cloudfoundry.org What is Cloud Foundry? Cloud Foundry is an open-source

    platform that allows application development teams to build, test, deploy, and scale applications.
  4. Code to Cloud - in 1 command cloudfoundry.org cf push

  5. cloudfoundry.org cf push Code to Kubernetes - in 1 command

  6. Like Heroku, But on your Infrastructure!

  7. Supports all languages and frameworks!

  8. cloudfoundry.org

  9. Components of a cloud application with CF

  10. Supports all languages and frameworks! Even on k8s!

  11. cf push Build triggers Buildpacks Release cloudfoundry.org

  12. Buildpacks - a history … cloudfoundry.org

  13. </> app source OS ... dependencies app image runtime app

    Paketo Buildpacks cloudfoundry.org cf push
  14. </> app source cloudfoundry.org app image deployed to k8s

  15. OS ... node modules app image node runtime app nodejs

    npm-install cloudfoundry.org
  16. Not just application code. But devtools as well. cloudfoundry.org

  17. DevTools? • CI/CD - Travis, CircleCI, Gitlab, Github Actions •

    Monitoring - Grafana, Prometheus
  18. Getting Started • Tutorials on the CF website • Medium

    • Cloud Foundry Youtube
  19. CF Summit 2021 https://www.cloudfoundry.org/events/summit/c fsummit2021/ cloudfoundry.org

  20. Reach us: @coder_blvck @cloudfoundry slack.cloudfoundry.org cloudfoundry.org

  21. Thank you! cloudfoundry.org