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Pause Website Teardown

6e1f5b46f1499a6f62470fc9c138d8ea?s=47 Harshita
June 21, 2021

Pause Website Teardown

Deep dive into a leave management software, Pause's website strategy with key comments on its website copy and structure based on the PAS formula.



June 21, 2021

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  1. Pause Website Teardown SaaS Teardown

  2. Pause is a leave management and team planning tool designed

    for modern teams. While many bloated incumbents already exist, Pause seeks to differentiate itself by offering just the right amount of features necessary. Let’s take a look at their landing page, and see what we can learn from it. What to expect in this Teardown
  3. Their landing page follows the PAS formula, which stands for

    Problem, Agitate, Solve. Here, they first call out the problem that their customers face, and which they can help solve.
  4. We then scroll down to see a conversation between two

    team members. Here, they agitate the customer by reminding them of how real and painful the problem is.
  5. Some more of that good ol’ agitation. Drive the pain

    home. By this point your customer should be shaking in their boots.
  6. Now, you offer your customer the solution to their problems

    - your product. Your product is the prophesied hero that has come to rescue your customer.
  7. Talk not about features, but what it means for the

    user. For example, instead of merely saying that they have a Slack integration, they show us the benefit of having it.
  8. Inspire trust and credibility by leveraging social proof and testimonials

    from happy customers
  9. Pause has a simple pricing structure, which they showcase proudly

    on their website, instead of hiding it away They offer a call-to-action here for those already convinced by now.
  10. For those still on the fence, Pause provides a quick

    summary of its features, to remind the customer about everything they will get if they have Pause.
  11. For those who are still not swayed, they end with

    an invitation to talk to them, enabling a salesperson to manually handle objections and alleviate the customer’s doubts and concerns.
  12. Pause’s landing page uses the PAS formula, which stands for

    Problem, Agitate, Solve. They have a delightful and minimalistic landing page, which is in line with their product - a leave tracker without unnecessary complexity and clutter. They help visitors understand the problem easily by showing an example of a dysfunctional conversation between two team members. Final Thoughts
  13. They help visitors understand their solution easily by showing the

    benefits their product’s features can provide to the customer. They showcase existing customers to inspire trust and credibility. They invite indecisive visitors to get on a call with them. Final Thoughts