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Quorum in minutes 
with Chainstack

Quorum in minutes 
with Chainstack

How to run a Quorum network in minutes with Chainstack (https://chainstack.com)

Alex Khaerov

June 01, 2019

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  1. Proprietary and Confidential © 2019 hayorov chainstack.com !1 Quorum in

 with Chainstack Alex Khaerov Development Lead [email protected]
  2. !2 Agenda • What is Chainstack? • Today’s showcase •

    Live! Run a Quorum network in minutes • Live! Deploy a contract and make transactions • Q&A
  3. !3

  4. Proprietary and Confidential © 2019 !4 2 Is a global

    blockchain- and cloud- agnostic Platform as a Service (PaaS) providing tools and services to simplify deploying, managing, scaling and building decentralized applications and consortiums
  5. Proprietary and Confidential © 2019 !6 A Quorum showcase My

    Network Node A Node B Node C • 3 nodes in 2 different providers </> 42 42 • SimpleStorage contract • Write data on Node A • Read data from Node C
  6. Proprietary and Confidential © 2019 !11 bit.ly/quorum-sg Try Chainstack with

    free 14 days Alex Khaerov Development Lead [email protected] and subscribe for updates at bit.ly/cs-updates