JRuby on Rails: From Zero to Scale

JRuby on Rails: From Zero to Scale

JRuby is deployed by hundreds of companies around the world, running Rails and other services at higher speeds and with better scalability than any other runtime. With JRuby you get better utilization of system resources, the performance and tooling of the JVM, and a massive collection of libraries to add to your toolbox, all without leaving Ruby behind.

In this talk, we'll walk you through the early stages of using JRuby, whether for a new app or a migration from CRuby. We will show how to deploy your JRuby app using various services. We'll cover the basics of troubleshooting performance and configuring your system for concurrency. By the end of this talk, you’ll have the knowledge you need to save money and time by building on JRuby.

(This talk was delivered at RailsConf 2019)



April 30, 2019