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Ben Cooper - Engineering yourself

Ben Cooper - Engineering yourself

Presented at Hey! #21 on 26th January, 2016.

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January 26, 2016

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  1. Engineering Yourself. #hey_greatengineer

  2. Why Did You Choose Your Career? #hey_greatengineer Did it just

    flow with your education? Was it by accident? I’m good at this.
  3. Work as a Senior Front End Developer @Clicksco #hey_greatengineer Previously

    worked for Sky, as well as worked for clients such as RIM and News Corp. @benjaminrcooper
  4. Why Did I Choose To Become An Engineer? #hey_greatengineer

  5. I Didn’t. #hey_greatengineer

  6. None
  7. Roots Before Branches. #hey_greatengineer

  8. Without Passion, You Can’t Succeed. #hey_greatengineer

  9. Grit. #hey_greatengineer

  10. Failure Is Always An Option. #hey_greatengineer

  11. You’re Never Done Learning. #hey_greatengineer

  12. Choose Your Job. #hey_greatengineer

  13. Back To My Story. #hey_greatengineer

  14. “You’ve come to blow your own trumpet” #hey_greatengineer

  15. Thank You. #hey_greatengineer https://speakerdeck.com/17bc17/engineering-yourself