How to challenge your product owner

3dc8723d06d8e0cafbb1c78ea42dfe6a?s=47 Peter Hilton
September 10, 2019

How to challenge your product owner

As an agile software developer, you want to understand your product owner’s expertise, so you can work well together with mutual respect. This is harder than it should be, because everyone tends to assume that they know everything (that’s worth knowing), and that everyone else’s job is just some typing and a few meetings.

This presentation describes what happens when you don’t have a proper product owner, and introduces some challenging questions that product owners work on answering. In practice, the product owner role is often an impossible job, especially when it isn’t full-time, so you shouldn’t expect your product owner to be able to answer all of the questions straight away. You might enjoy working together on the challenge, though.


Peter Hilton

September 10, 2019