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Neos Product Vision 2016

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April 23, 2016

Neos Product Vision 2016

Since Neos has been released it was well received for its unprecedented editing experience. While this is a great asset it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons for agencies to work with Neos for their web content and application projects. Content tools like Neos need to provide answers to CMS market trends and challenges like static site generators, responsiveness on myriads of devices, apps, multi-client solutions or the physical web. In this talk we will share how we see Neos’ role in the content universe of tomorrow, who Neos’ target customers are and how we plan to deliver the innovativeness that integrators and developers expect from us to differentiate Neos from the rest.



April 23, 2016

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  1. Product Vision Inspiring Conference 2016

  2. Christopher Hlubek @hlubek

  3. Tobias Gruber @sandstorm_tobi

  4. None
  5. Why?

  6. Developer Experience

  7. Experience Editor

  8. Experience User

  9. None
  10. What did we achieve?

  11. “allows to easily create, manage and output content”

  12. “provides an excellent technical infrastructure and guidelines”

  13. “is easy to integrate with other systems and processes”

  14. “provides a good user experience for editors and developers”

  15. “I have texted into many Content Management Systems. But this

    one is different. Neos is the first CMS that is actually fun to work with!” Mirja Stöcker, Text macht
  16. None
  17. Meanwhile in CMS land …

  18. None
  19. Content APIs

  20. Content APIs

  21. APIs everywhere CMS

  22. Multi-channel 2.0 CMS …

  23. Content Integrations CRM PIM Shop ERP CMS

  24. Content Streams

  25. None
  26. Target Market

  27. None
  28. Mid Market Enterprise Small Business

  29. None
  30. ambitious web content projects

  31. Change our vision?

  32. Change our vision? No.

  33. UX still matters

  34. “A CMS that editors and developers love.”

  35. What’s the plan?

  36. None
  37. Strengthen our strengths

  38. Inline Editing

  39. UI Refactoring

  40. IFrame React Redux CKEditor Components Website

  41. Content Repository Query History

  42. Content Dimensions

  43. Take on challenges

  44. Structured Editing

  45. CQRS & Event Sourcing

  46. API Node Model DB

  47. API Queries Commands Write Domain Model Read DB Projection Event

  48. Content API

  49. Decouple

  50. Adaptive Out of the box

  51. Make it your own.

  52. … and Flow?

  53. None
  54. Improve DDD concepts

  55. CQRS and Event Sourcing

  56. Content Application Platform Flow Flow Neos

  57. ambitious web application projects

  58. Independent and part of the Neos Project

  59. Our Product Strategy

  60. Strengthen our strengths Take on technical challenges Decouple

  61. Thank you!