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From Cloud-Native Java and Quarkus 3 with Love @ DevoxxUK 2023 London

From Cloud-Native Java and Quarkus 3 with Love @ DevoxxUK 2023 London


Over the last couple of years, our industry faced many naysayers doubting that Java is ready for today's, let alone tomorrow's application development requirements. Too rigid, too fat, too slow, and too resource hungry were the usual suspects to question Java's "fitness" for developing cloud-native applications targeting Kubernetes. One day, Quarkus came along to demonstrate the exact opposite. Join this fast-paced session to learn about Quarkus, which is a new breed of Java application development framework. It builds upon well-established standards and technologies as well as battle-tested libraries, many of which you might already master or at least be familiar with. If you want to experience some of the goodness and love that Quarkus offers around its dev services and native image building capabilities on top of GraalVM this talk is for you. After this session, you'll have a first impression about what it means and how it feels to develop supersonic subatomic Java applications for the cloud era.

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS_e0BXFLfg

Repository: https://github.com/hpgrahsl/devoxxuk-quarkus3-love

Hans-Peter Grahsl

May 11, 2023

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  1. From Cloud-Native Java &
    with Love 😍
    Hans-Peter Grahsl
    [email protected]
    Developer Advocate - Red Hat

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  2. Our goal is …
    … to create a container image for a “mini app” –
    including Web API endpoints and DB persistence –
    that can be readily deployed to Kubernetes …
    … without touching a Dockerfile or manually
    messing around with YAML manifests 😬

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  3. https://code.quarkus.io

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  5. Mission
    accomplished !

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  6. Free e-book

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  7. Start exploring in the OpenShift Sandbox.
    Learn containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift in your browser.
    Try Red Hat's products and technologies
    without setup or configuration.

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  8. Connect with us.

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  10. Quarkus 3 Highlights
    Hibernate ORM 6
    & Mutiny 2 upgrades
    Next-gen async with io_uring
    Java 11 & 17
    Aligns with MicroProfile 6
    & Jakarta EE Core Profile 10
    Kubernetes DevService
    Quarkus CLI deploy
    to Kubernetes
    Pact contract testing support
    New Dev UI
    Azure Functions extension
    Learn more at Quarkus.io/quarkus3

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  11. Thank you!

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