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The Twelve-factor Ruby

September 20, 2014

The Twelve-factor Ruby


September 20, 2014

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  1. Ruby committer removed test-unit removed minitest make bundled gem mechanism

    coordinate to Ruby committers negotiate to sponsers make development environment
  2. ϛυϧ΢ΣΞͷΞοϓάϨʔυ ࣾ಺։ൃج൫ͷߏங ౷ܭج൫ͷߏங +409ͷӡ༻੔උ HJUIVC ηΩϡϦςΟ؂ࠪ ίʔυϨϏϡʔ ςετج൫ͷߏங ΞΫηεղੳج൫ͷߏங ։ൃϓϩηε

    ৽ਓڭҭ ݪߘࣥච ΧϯϑΝϨϯεൃද 044։ൃ αʔόʔߏ੒؅ཧͷ࡮৽ ϦʔϯελʔτΞοϓ +FOLJOT 3VCZ3BJMT 3%#.4 ٕज़ج൫νʔϜ
  3. commit bit collector ruby rubygems rake rdoc psych syck ruby-build

    railsgirls railsgirls-jp kaminari tdiary hiki jenkins fastladder
  4. Ruby core policy Language core features including security Yukihiro Matsumoto

    (matz) Evaluator Koichi Sasada (ko1) Core classes Yukihiro Matsumoto (matz)
  5. require 'active_support/all' # "{\"foo\":\"0/1\"}" p ({foo: Rational(1/2)}).to_json require 'oj' require

    'oj_mimic_json' # stack level too deep (SystemStackError) p ({foo: Rational(1/2)}).to_json code
  6. describe RubyKaigi do before do @ruby = Ruby.new end it

    { expect(@ruby).to be MyRuby.new } end expectation