International Email: The End of Game Boss (#TEDC15 London)

8bf4a90554cd4d2d45fb490f695fc954?s=47 Elliot Ross
October 01, 2015

International Email: The End of Game Boss (#TEDC15 London)

In this talk we look at how to approach email marketing to multiple regions and languages. Presented by Jaina Mistry and Elliot Ross.

From Litmus Email Design Conference London, 2015.


Elliot Ross

October 01, 2015


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    #intlemail Understand: • The localization opportunity • Content and compliance

    challenges Learn about: • The tools and techniques used • The key players that should be involved in localization See: • Real-world examples of international email campaigns What You'll Get From This Talk
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    #intlemail 56.2% of consumers say the ability to obtain information

    in their own language is more important than price.
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    #intlemail Who Sends International Campaigns? Padawan Group • Global  group

     of   websites.   All  email  marketing   handled  by  UK  office.   • Translated  in-­house.   • All  HTML  managed   in-­house. • 22  websites • 13  languages • One  ESP
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    #intlemail Who Sends International Campaigns? Super  Secret  ActionRocket NDA’d Client

    • UK  Brand,  Stores  Worldwide • HTML  created  in  UK,  given  to  local  teams • Translations  in  region • Content  populated  by  local  agencies • TONNES  of  email  platforms
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    Delivery rates - as well as opens and clicks -

    differ from region to region China has very low daily delivery thresholds (Tencent, QQ) May be necessary to "batch send" Engagement & Delivery: Different Conditions
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    #intlemail Legislation, by region: • US: The CAN-SPAM Act •

    Canada: CASL • Europe: Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive • China: Regulations on Internet Email Services • Australia: The Spam Act Email opt-in is king. When in doubt, talk to your ESP Compliance: Different Laws in Different Regions
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    #intlemail Not all promotions are created equal: • Sweepstakes in

    Massachusetts • Sweepstakes in Quebec • Gambling laws around the world (FCA, CYSEC, FSP) When in doubt, consult a legal professional Compliance: Different Laws in Different Regions
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    #intlemail Languages vs. Regions Language EN FR DE NL France

    FRFR Netherlands NLFR NLDE NLNL Germany DEDE Belgium BEEN BEFR BENL Switzerland CHFR CHDE
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    Click  here Cliquez ici 点击这里 klikněte zde klicken Sie hier

    bitte คลิกที'นี' こちらをクリック кликнете тук
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    #intlemail Cultural differences • Appropriate imagery • Body language and

    facial expressions Hands, feet and eyes in Asian cultures Tone • Swiss are punctual, Italians emotional It's the Little Things....
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    #intlemail • Spelling & Grammar (British vs. American Wrong English)

    • Dates and times (including pesky daylight saving time) • Currencies It's the Little Things....
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    Direction & Character Encoding Right-to-left Arabic Hebrew Line-breaks break things

    Thai Chinese (x2!) Encoding Greek Russian Letter Symbol HTML à à à á á á â â â ã ã ã
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    Remember… Companies Process Design HTML & Code Don't think you'll

    be doing everything, all by yourself. In Summary...
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