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Learn You Some Design

0d877f80c535471ede57c7a4c0f487de?s=47 Idan Gazit
January 12, 2012

Learn You Some Design

Slides from my talk at The Junction on January 12th.


Idan Gazit

January 12, 2012


  1. hT://fI.K/p/61x DESIGN Ler yu sM a talk by Idan Gazit

  2. h, Wh y We He. l u Kw i ThN

    a BrKN.
  3. bit.ly/LearnYouSomeDesign GoG MoEAr

  4. links are usualy here SlD Wl b OnIE Sit back,

    relax and enjoy!
  5. DjnOpoC.O SklsP.O

  6. We o (“the best wave EVAR!1one OMGLOL”)

  7. u Nt o JuCi ChNe 1 DeIN Bu iS, E’S

    aE  Oul O QuSIs
  8. hT://fI.K/p/5uF

  9. hT://fI.K/p/2SZ2g

  10. hT://fI.K/p/mW

  11. I N C E P T I O N

  12. I DA N C E P T I O N

    F R O M T H E C R E A T O R S O F T H E J U N C T I O N
  13. design, i

  14. design, code i

  15. design, code i scarier,

  16. design, code i scarier, harder,

  17. design, code i scarier, harder, takes more time to learn

  18. hT://fI.K/p/4q1r

  19. gO design, code i scarier, harder, takes more time to

  20. design |dəˈzīn| noun 1 a plan or drawing produced to

    show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made: he has just unveiled his design for the new museum. • the art or action of conceiving of and producing such a plan or drawing: good design can help the reader understand complicated information | the cloister is of late- twelfth-century design. • an arrangement of lines or shapes created to form a pattern or decoration: pottery with a lovely blue and white design. 2 purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fact, or material object: the appearance of design in the universe. verb [ with obj. ] decide upon the look and functioning of (a building, garment, or other object), typically by making a detailed drawing of it: a number of architectural students were designing a factory | [ as adj. with submodifier ] (designed) : specially designed buildings. • do or plan (something) with a specific purpose or intention in mind: [ with obj. and infinitive ] : the tax changes were designed to stimulate economic growth.
  21. F*c Tt yeah Yr PrDc design is

  22. Wt i i Wt i Ds h i Ds i

    h i LoK h i FeL To ue
  23. hT://fI.K/p/9v CoPOmS is the soul of design

  24. hT://fI.K/p/4O 3

  25. hT://fI.K/p/78X you are making things for HuAS

  26. hT://fI.K/p/78X you are making things for HuAS CoPTs with

  27. hT://fI.K/p/78X you are making things for HuAS CoPTs with 

    s of
  28. hT://fI.K/p/7x PhSOlG & PsCOlG

  29. CoOBrWR2.o

  30. hT://W.WisNmnr.O/Pot/08/C/0/ReaIv-EaaIlt/

  31. 54239 vs. 54-22-39 hT://E.WiieI.R/wK/Unig_(PscOlg)

  32. hT://fI.K/p/9S MeIM

  33. hT://fI.K/p/5G1ZW

  34. OK

  35. IlUTrTo CoRe GeTReOk (w.GeTReOk.c) 1 2 3 4 q w

    r z e ^ S a s i o
  36. who what when/where why AuIn

  37. inform CoSRaNS ChIe

  38. hT://fI.K/p/Kk

  39. u IxD u i v DeIN is

  40. 1-10, 1-10 23-58 A, B, C unbounded u DeiHt aD

  41. mediating I/O paving “cowpaths” IXD pT / tU

  42. HTTP://WWW.LUKEW.COM/FF/ENTRY.ASP?504 p H F

  43. HTTP://WWW.LUKEW.COM/FF/ENTRY.ASP?504 p H F 1 2 3 1 2 3

    1 3 5 2 4 6
  44. cues & clues afordance discoverability conventions interactability u ExO FuCIoAi

  45. sort criteria findability i Io HiRRy

  46. establishing conections mod & narative beauty = performance v ViU

  47. AtRCtV ThN Wk BeTR hT://W.N.R/D.S/c1.D

  48. None
  49. u Ix u i v

  50. hT://W.KikRsuI.O/bO/Imgs/U.P

  51. O, So wA?

  52. Bgs FeD PhTS

  53. hT://fI.K/p/6V

  54. hT://fI.K/p/4u Me i eT

  55. PaSo




  59. E C PeFRmNE AlblT a & InERaI BiLn R a’S

  60. hT://fI.K/p/7M6hK ImAT (move the nedle)

  61. hT://fI.K/p/AEz I’Ll jSt hR A eIge O A oPl oR’

  62. hT://fI.K/p/4q1r

  63. hT://fI.K/p/8Vk

  64. hT://fI.K/p/8Vk

  65. n MoE n MaDt n DeINs n PrBe! d

  66. Ur PeSn

  67. None
  68. mL, N, nL, Ve N e ai A Stn

  69. Mika wants to share photos with her parents, who aren’t

    very technical. Both Mika and her parents have iPhones, but her parents’ model is older. She also likes to share photos with her sister, but there are pictures she wants to share *only* with her sister, and not her parents. She shares about 10 photos a day with her sister, and maybe one mL, N, nL, Ve N e ai A Stn
  70. SkTHg

  71. organizing your thoughts WrTn organizing your visual thoughts SkTHg

  72. ugly fast disposable low-resolution loks incomplete  Gd SkT i

  73. we’re going to ned Ls o iTRtIN. ItRTiN.

  74. paper fat markers a wal Wt d  Nd?

  75. a computer an iPad training talent Wt d  n

  76.  c’ Dw

  77. BuLH*T.

  78. None
  79. None
  80. None
  81. None
  82. None
  83. hT://fI.K/p/BZ Plr. d. LeR.

  84. I N C E P T I O N

  85. DeINg you are already d i BeTR don’t panic! now

  86. ThN y! @idangazit & htp://gazit.me