Operationalising Data Science on Cloud Foundry

41d2c569bbfbec97e0ab6fd2a8c261b7?s=47 Ian Huston
September 28, 2016

Operationalising Data Science on Cloud Foundry

Delivered at CF Summit Europe 2016 in Frankfurt, 28th September 2016

The first part of this talk argues why Cloud Foundry is ideal for operationalising and scaling machine learning models.

The core of the talk describes a scalable cloud native architecture for operationalising data science models based on microservices. There is a video demo of this architecture in action.

The last part of the talk explains the limits of Cloud Foundry in the context of data science and what still has to be achieved for Cloud Foundry to become an end-to-end data science platform.


Ian Huston

September 28, 2016