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How to make your team successful with GitHub (Or Breaking your silos)

How to make your team successful with GitHub (Or Breaking your silos)

Presented at TechPlanet2015

Takafumi Ikeda

October 07, 2015

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  1. Where software is built % Agenda 18 •Why do you

    need GitHub? •How can you make software with GitHub? •Breaking your silos %
  2. Where software is built Every company is a software company

    20 & ! Users expect a seamless, integrated experience anywhere in the world Technology is disrupting how software and services are delivered '
  3. ! Where software is built 21 ( ) NEEDS PAIN

    POINTS • High Velocity • Good User Experience & High Quality • Quick & Innovative • Very Slow & Unreliable Dev/Deploy Flow • No Code Review, No CI, Too Many Regressions • No Transparency, Reinvent the Wheel, Silos What’s happening in Dev world today?
  4. Where software is built How can you make software? Tips

    for using GitHub with your team 25 $
  5. ! Where software is built GitHub Flow! 26 * +

    , - - - Create a Branch Open a Pull Request Merge and deploy
  6. ! Where software is built 27 ! + EXPERIMENTATION WITHOUT

    RISK BRANCHES SHOULD BE SHORT LIVED • You can do anything you want to do on your own branch • No risk of disrupting others’ work • Branches are fast, safe, and easy to create • Branches should be merged as soon as they’re ready • Long-lived branch becomes much harder to merge with confidence • Git branches are faster, safer and easier to delete Branching is quick and easy
  7. ! Where software is built Collaborate with anyone on the

    Pull Request 28 - INVOLVE ANYONE TO MAKE IT You can collaborate with anyone on the Pull Request. Not only with programmers but also with designers, product owners, sales and even with legal, HR or finance teams.
  8. ! Where software is built Test it before merging 29

    . CI ON PR IS THE BEST PRACTICE Continuous Integration is the must-have practice today. Also CI on Pull Request is the best practice to build software better together. With this, you can focus on code reviews.
  9. ! Where software is built Merge it! with any conditions

    you prefer 31 / PROTECTED BRANCHES AND REQUIRED STATUSES Using status API, you can require CI checks to pass before the pull request can be merged. If you are using GHE, please wait a bit. see also: https://github.com/blog/2051-protected- branches-and-required-status-checks
  10. ! Where software is built Revert Pull Requests 32 0

    PULL REQUEST DIDN’T GO AS PLANNED? REVERT! Sometimes our features don’t work as we intended and we need to undo them. Don’t bother leaving the UI, revert the whole feature right now.
  11. ! Where software is built Web Blame and Linked Pull

    Request Information 34 1 INVESTIGATE A FILE AND A COMMIT If you don’t know how to use blame from command line, that’s fine. Finding things in the web can be easier.
  12. ! Where software is built Closing Issues from Pull Requests

    36 2 CLOSE THE ISSUE FROM THE PULL REQUEST Some people know you can close an issue or pull request from a commit message, but you can do this in the web.
  13. ! Where software is built Global Issues and Pull Request

    38 ' ALL YOUR ISSUES AND PULL REQUESTS IN ONE PLACE You may work on many projects and you may have few projects open. They’re easy to access from a single screen.
  14. ! Where software is built You can find everything here

    40 3 GREAT TALENT, USEFUL CODE ARE ALREADY HERE Great talent and useful code are already in your company, didn’t you notice that? GitHub help you find them in several ways You can search everything and definitely come across them.
  15. ! Where software is built Emoji! 42 ♥ EMOJI HELPS

    YOU COLLABORATE SMOOTHLY Sometimes feedback can sound like criticism. Using funny & friendly emoji helps lighten the mood. Don’t hesitate to use Emoji! ♥
  16. ! Where software is built FYI: Our Deployment 44 5

    DEPLOYING IT FROM PULL REQUEST BRANCH We deploy changes from a pull request branch and merge it after confirmed in production. For detail, please see: http://githubengineering.com/deploying- branches-to-github-com/
  17. ! Where software is built Other ways to help you

    45 ! ATOM Atom is a modern, approachable, and hackable text editor. We can’t wait to see what you build with it. HUBOT Hubot is your company’s robot. Install him in your company to dramatically improve and increase employee efficiency.
  18. Where software is built Breaking Your Silos What silos do

    you unconsciously have in your mind? 46 $
  19. Where software is built % Don’t “manage” your team 47

    •“Managing” your team leads to a small result which doesn’t exceed what “Manager” can do •“Collaborating” is much more important •To be “Collaborating”, people have to know enough proper information ! http://legorobo.com/page/DVAhgax531679feef404.php
  20. Where software is built % Share information and code 48

    •Make sure all members can access the information as much as possible •The more information people can access, the more things people can do autonomously •Being autonomous makes collaboration happen ! https://www.flickr.com/photos/carlos_maya/5165377895/
  21. Where software is built % Why “Collaborating” is so important?

    49 •People have tremendous power by nature •“Collaborating” unlock you and your team’s potential •“Collaborating” is the nature of GitHub !
  22. Where software is built % Wrap Up: Breaking Your Silos

    50 •With GitHub, You can: • Implement your idea quickly without bothering others • Involve anyone into your development process • Fix and merge with confidence • Find great talent and useful code in your company • Access all information about your code in one place •You don’t have to fear change or collaboration with others •You never feel siloed ! http://www.molemaster.com/industries-cement.asp