Ben Kirsch - Smarter IP

Ben Kirsch - Smarter IP


Iain Mansell

May 01, 2019


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    Opportunity • Huge emerging market with many segments to be

    captured • Potential for valuable IP creation • Consider IP early • Be prepared for collaboration
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    Collaboration • There is a need for more support to

    facilitate IP terms in collaborative agreements between businesses. • Our new B2B toolkit will equip UK businesses with the skills they need to successfully collaborate whilst taking control of how IP is managed and commercialised. • It aims to help businesses recognise and consider how IP is protected and utilised prior to, and during the collaboration, and owned/managed/licensed following on from completion of the collaboration.
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    B2B toolkit • ‘Think before you Collaborate’ checklist sets out

    the major considerations ahead of a collaboration. • Calculates a business’ collaboration ‘Readiness Score’ and provides businesses with a personalised To-do-list which outlines Key Actions, Things to double-check and/or highlights the reasons Why is it important. • Provides businesses with a templated collaboration ‘Term Sheet’ and ‘Materials Transfer Agreement’, which allows collaborators to set out various aspects of their collaboration prior to executing agreements legally. • Presents a guide to IP which also signposts to other IP resources and helps businesses identify IP and its ownership.
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    IP for business tools General IP information, including protecting your

    IP abroad, can be found on our website at You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.
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    Get in touch Ben Kirsch Senior Policy Advisor (West Midlands)

    Midlands) 07919 004 880