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Content Management System

October 11, 2013

Content Management System

Content Management System of IIT Roorkee website.


October 11, 2013

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  1. Content Management System(CMS), IIT Roorkee Website Presented by IMG, IIT

  2. What is CMS? • http://cms.channeli.in/nova • A user friendly software

    for updating and publishing content on IIT Roorkee(IITR) website. • A multi-user department/center/institute societies and groups specific interface. • Comes with an integrated News Management System.
  3. Why IITR website needs it? • Without CMS, adding content

    in a static website with ~5000 pages is a difficult task . • Therefore, a software was needed to quickly add content to the website dynamically and at the same time keep the website static. • But that’s impossible, isn’t? No, it is not.
  4. How we did it? • We built a dynamic(CMS) version

    of website, accessible only in institute. • Users update the CMS version of their respective website and then “publishes” it on IITR server. • Publishing means converting dynamic pages into static pages(html files) and uploading it on server.
  5. Features • Gives greater control over the website. • Add/Edit

    page body, news, navigation bar, footer contact info etc. • A file manager to manage files(pdf, doc etc.) on server. • Manage user accounts for admin.
  6. CMS for department

  7. Manage Pages

  8. CMS for institute groups

  9. CMS for admin

  10. Publish Website

  11. What's next? • All those having their website on IITR

    should contact IMG for CMS credentials of their website. • Go through CMS walkthrough for help. • Let us know, if you have any other queries.
  12. • Follow us on facebook and twitter(@img_iitr). • Write to

    us at img.iitr.img@gmail.com or img@iitr.ac.in