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A Year of Ruby, Together (Fog City Ruby)

André Arko
December 07, 2016

A Year of Ruby, Together (Fog City Ruby)

Ruby Together is a simple concept: Ruby developers and companies all pay a small amount of money. That money ensures that Bundler, RubyGems, and other critical software continues to work, by paying developers to work on it. While the concept is simple, creating Ruby Together was very complicated in practice. In this talk I’ll explain why I was motivated to start Ruby Together, how it became possible, and what we have done for Ruby in our first year.

André Arko

December 07, 2016

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  1. A Year of Ruby, Together Fog City Ruby

  2. André Arko @indirect

  3. None
  4. The Ruby Way therubyway.io

  5. None
  6. None
  7. what’s a Ruby Together?

  8. Ruby has grown up

  9. Ruby has grown up

  10. in 2003–2014 we served 2 billion gems

  11. in 2015 we served 4 billion gems

  12. in 2016 we’ll serve 5 billion gems

  13. volunteers are great

  14. volunteers aren’t enough anymore

  15. remember the rubygems.org hack?

  16. None
  17. “volunteers”

  18. “volunteers” don’t stick around :(

  19. the non-solution of open source jobs

  20. the non-solution of open source jobs

  21. executive whims don’t stick around :(

  22. executive whims don’t stick around :(

  23. so how did this happen, exactly?

  24. funding open source is really, really, hard

  25. money is super helpful

  26. got milk?

  27. what have we gotten done

  28. bundler releases

  29. bundler 1.9

  30. bundler 1.10

  31. bundler 1.11

  32. bundler 1.12

  33. bundler 1.13

  34. summers of code

  35. now we do RubyGems

  36. oh, and the servers

  37. rubygems.org accomplishments

  38. incident response

  39. gemstash is real neat

  40. bundler 2.0 is coming

  41. we will merge bundler & rubygems

  42. somehow, it’s working

  43. this year we served 4,347 terabytes of gems

  44. but it’s not all good :(

  45. companies focus on now

  46. we’re doing good for everyone

  47. rubytogether.org

  48. pins! for members

  49. stickers! for everyone

  50. visit our store! shop.rubytogether.org bundler tape cute shirts! lapel pins