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From no OSS experience to the core team in 15 minutes a day (RubyConf 2016)

André Arko
November 13, 2016

From no OSS experience to the core team in 15 minutes a day (RubyConf 2016)

Using and contributing to open source has been a cornerstone of the Ruby community for many years. Despite this strong tradition, it’s hard to find anything collecting the likely advantages and costs of working on open source. This talk will introduce open source work, the benefits and costs of doing that work, and then provide a straightforward list of activities that can be done by anyone, no matter their level of experience with programming. Pick a project, schedule at least 15 minutes per day, join the core team. It’s your destiny!

André Arko

November 13, 2016

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  2. André Arko @indirect

  3. None
  4. The Ruby Way therubyway.io

  5. None
  6. None
  7. how to start contributing to open source

  8. what exactly is contributing to open source

  9. you are experienced enough

  10. “real programmers” do not exist

  11. GitHub is not your resume

  12. what are your goals?

  13. your time is your own

  14. what even is contributing

  15. benefits! there are some

  16. should you do this thing?

  17. can you work for free?

  18. making money is a valid choice

  19. open source means losing control of your work

  20. choose a license carefully

  21. we made it! here’s the plan

  22. 1. wtf

  23. 2. answer questions

  24. 3. help with issues

  25. 4. reproduce bugs

  26. 5. writing patches

  27. 6. improve everything

  28. 7. you’re doing it!

  29. 8. now you’re in charge

  30. what did we learn?

  31. thanks for listening! (also thanks to @ashedryden @mountain_ghosts for writing

    about these topics previously, and @sailorhg for many ideas in this talk)